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    Now that I have tried it out, I'll say, I am very impressed. However, like every Online feature in SP mod, it needs optimization.

    I noticed a significant FPS drop. If you add a range restriction on your markers, where they only draw at a certain range, that would help. Also the game can only draw so many markers at once so it will prevent other markers from other scripts from turning invisible.

    23 hours ago
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @jedijosh920 Looks phenomenal. I hope you continue to work on this.

    Things like:
    -Club management missions
    -Changing the DJ changes the music.
    -Dancing has the button pressing like Online so you have to build up. It would even make transitions more fluid.
    -Underground vehicles storage.
    -Collecting profit from the club.
    -Control of light rig, screens, and music.
    -Privacy glass and light dimming.

    Sjaak has these things so he should be able to help you there.

    Right now I am super impressed that you got it this closely.

    24 hours ago
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @SteveSomeone I am working on that one. :)

    3 dage siden
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @MarcoSzwk Neat concept. It is nice to see a modification for the project. I hope to see more stuff.

    4 dage siden
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    I never actually noticed this structure. Does someone have a video of it on old gen?

    9 dage siden
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    @Alex106 From looking at the scripts, it probably wouldn't be that hard to generate the peds. Rockstar has them scripted so the clubs crowd density changes biased on the popularity. Plus it would be a lot of non script peds to keep track of, especially when all the players share that interior for their clubs.

    31. juli 2018
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Alex106 Looks good. Are there any scenarios for the interior peds?

    31. juli 2018
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @HKH191 Out of curiosity, what language are you writting your scripts in? I was thinking, would you be interested in putting your code up on GitHub and turning this into a community project?

    You have a lot of stuff done accross the board, but to actually reach the level of detail Rockstar does is a lot of effort. Plenty of mods out there add in some of those details, and turning this into a community project will allow for those things to be made into one project.

    I am working on updating Online Interiors to include the night clubs. I have some of the astetics for the locations, like using privacy glass in the facility or the scaleform for example.

    On the otherhand, you have all of the actual buisness locations as well as a whole bunch of missions. I can commit this code to your project. I am sure that other people around the community will hop on board and submit code. The Single Player Apartment mod died because it was too much, and I feel like I'mNotMentaL would even contribute stuff. Additionally, people would be able to help you find the performance problems, sorta like they did with NativeUI.

    29. juli 2018
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @eshenk Looks good. I love the ped density. The vehicle density is great too, however I like to leave it vanilla so I can speed.

    Also out of curiosity, what mod is it that displays the street and location next to the radar? I've seen it in FiveM and would like to have it in SP.

    28. juli 2018