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  • 01f3d2 s l1600

    wow (world of variety uses a configuration called “INCREASE population” and it works. Here is the configuration
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <package version="2.1" id="{BDA5F91A-EC81-45ED-A101-480E9F5928D4}" target="Five">
    <name>Population increase</name>
    <![CDATA[Before installing, read the installation instructions.
    Installation instructions can be found in the read me.txt file and can be opened with Notepad.]]>
    <licence><![CDATA[Copying, redistributing, modifying and using any part of this mod without the express permission of the creators involved is prohibited.]]></licence>
    <headerBackground useBlackTextColor="true">$ffffffff</headerBackground>
    <archive path="update\update.rpf" createIfNotExist="false" type="RPF7">
    <xml path="common\data\gameconfig.xml">
    <replace xpath='/fwAllConfigs/ConfigArray/Item/Config[@type="CGameConfig"]/ConfigPopulation/AmbientPedsMultiplier_Base'>
    <AmbientPedsMultiplier_Base value="95"/>
    <replace xpath='/fwAllConfigs/ConfigArray/Item/Config[@type="CGameConfig"]/ConfigPopulation/AmbientPedsMultiplier'>
    <AmbientPedsMultiplier value="125"/>
    <replace xpath='/fwAllConfigs/ConfigArray/Item/Config[@type="CGameConfig"]/ConfigPopulation/VehicleAmbientDensityMultiplier_Base'>
    <VehicleAmbientDensityMultiplier_Base value="132"/>
    <replace xpath='/fwAllConfigs/ConfigArray/Item/Config[@type="CGameConfig"]/ConfigPopulation/VehicleAmbientDensityMultiplier'>
    <VehicleAmbientDensityMultiplier value="200"/>
    <replace xpath='/fwAllConfigs/ConfigArray/Item/Config[@type="CGameConfig"]/ConfigPopulation/VehicleParkedDensityMultiplier'>
    <VehicleParkedDensityMultiplier value="125"/>
    But I don't know where exactly it has to go, unfortunately you'll have to find out for yourself
    I hope I could help

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    9 hours ago
  • 01f3d2 s l1600

    @NoraDestiny There are many game configs with increased civilization
    Maybe you can look at one or two lines where the npcs are listed and then raise them or something


    9 hours ago
  • 01f3d2 s l1600

    @NoraDestiny can u do the same for NPCS on the streets and scenarios pls?

    10 hours ago
  • 01f3d2 s l1600

    wie machste diese fotos

    3 dage siden
  • 01f3d2 s l1600

    nice.can you add front gta plates

    3 dage siden
  • 01f3d2 s l1600

    @ChunkyYaBoi what face mod and hair mod u use on the 1st picture braa

    4 dage siden
  • 01f3d2 s l1600
  • 01f3d2 s l1600

    it doesn't work with the latest version of gta.
    How did you program or code it so that it doesn't work with new versions?
    It should work for all versions of the game like good car mods. do you understand what I mean.

    5. maj 2024
  • 01f3d2 s l1600

    what graphics mod u use bra

    5. maj 2024
  • 01f3d2 s l1600

    what graphixcs mod you use

    5. maj 2024