Stealth/Action Mode Animation Fix 0.1

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This mod fixes the stealth/action mode animations for the MP_M_Freemode_01 (Male custom characters) in SP.

Change Log:
-Simply changed flag for MP_M_Freemode_01 from biker to swat

-Be sure that you have the OpenIV tool installed, as well as OpenIV.asi installed in your game. Also be sure that you have update.rpf in the Mods folder, especially if you have the Social Club/Retail version.
-Open up OpenIV, and replace peds.ymt with the one I provided. This is located in update.rpf -> x64 -> data.
-Be sure to back up peds.ymt, as in the future, this mod will change a different file and leave peds.ymt alone.

Neodymium has not yet found all of the hash strings. So a few things do not have their decompiled flag. The game can't read this, so some things may be broken. So far, I can confirm that the special abilities on Michael, Trevor, and Franklin do not work. When Neodymium finds the rest of the hash strings, I will update the file. I figured that when I release this, it will get more people to test the file, and find Neodymium find the bugs relating to the hash strings.

Future plans:
When pedpersonality.ymt is decompiled, I will fix the animations the right way. Rather than changing the personality of a particular ped, I can fix all of the personalities so the animations work on all peds. I don't want to change the personality on all of the peds to swat because it will change their behavior.

Neodymium: For the MetaTool, and converting the file into readable xml format.
theNGclan: For finding out that changing the flag to swat will make the animations work.
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