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  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    That's odd, I don't think I used anything VS2010 in my projects. Try installing the VS2010 redists.

    What ways have you already tried to open it?

    3 dage siden
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Thank you!
    The "WheelToKey" option allows that. You can map any wheel button to any keyboard key.

    3 dage siden
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    There's no support for that, just keyboard and controller input for menu navigation.

    Nope, never did that. Something like Vehicle Controls has it? Remember coming across another script that toggled the hand brake.

    Block buttons were borked with this release, but you should be able to download the unreleased nightly builds (see description) and see if things are properly working there.

    Uhh, try the nightly build. There's some USB discovery stuff that is crashy.

    4 dage siden
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Probably because you forgot up load a file.

    4 dage siden
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Hi all,

    I need some feedback on the steering wheel. Use the latest build:

    Things to look for:
    - "Notch" in the center when steering left/right at speed is gone, but this also removes the damping at speed.
    - Wobble in steering wheel at higher speeds - how annoying is it?
    - Steering wheel feels looser in the center - is this ok with you?

    Thanks in advance!

    7 dage siden
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Hmm, strange. I still need to straighten out that strange center bump.

    Disable it in the HUD settings.


    As described in the changelog and the menu - mouse steering is disabled in this mode.

    - Controller options not loading/saving are fixed in the next build
    - Handbrake won't be changed
    - Not sure why the engine would turn on again, but it's off for me. God mode?

    8 dage siden
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Have you tried the suggested changes? I'm not going back to the old code, as it was messy and not accurate at all.

    There *is* a small issue with the wheel "stopping" near the transition point when the wheel seems center, so that's something I'm actively looking into. If that is the issue that's stopping you, it might be resolved next update.

    5. december 2019
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    How does your wheel keep fighting you? What vehicle and handling do you find difficult?

    The current method is more accurate and more directly connected to what your car is actually doing. If you find the force feedback too strong, there are more things you can change in the settings now.

    I personally find it easier to drive and correct for oversteer now, but mileage may vary depending on handling.

    For example, with the default setup Killatomate's handling, cars are generally a bit harder to drift, as they lack some weight transfer. In order to get his Comet to be driftable nicely, I had to:

    - Increase steering angle to 1.25x: Default steering lock wasn't enough to catch good drifts
    - Increase self aligning torque factor from 0.50 to 0.70 to have more force feedback for less "angle" - your steering wheel "leads" the car more, so you "catch" a drift earlier
    - Lower the self aligning torque multiplier from 1.30x to 0.90x - to scale back force feedback force against the torque factor bump, so the max ffb force doesn't clip too early.

    4. december 2019
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Have you disabled *all* torque changing scripts?

    4. december 2019
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    @kouya see pinned

    4. december 2019