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Add-on Spawner is a ScriptHookV script that automatically looks for add-on vehicles and puts them in a menu for you to spawn.

  • Detects added vehicles automatically
  • Search by make, model or name
  • Various spawn options
  • Various sorting options
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Prevents DLC vehicles from de-spawning

GTA V v1.0.877.1 or later

Drag and drop AddonSpawner.asi and the AddonSpawner folder to your GTA V game folder.

No configuration needed, just load it up, press the hotkey (F5) and spawn your add-on vehicle. They are separated by vehicle class. It only lists your add-on vehicles, so no base game/DLC vehicles. There are various options for sorting vanilla cars and add-ons, so check the settings.

To add images, put an image file (.jpg or .png) in the AddonSpawner/img folder, with the model name (spawn name) as file name. For example: ek9.jpg.

Full credits to the ScriptHookVDotNet team on this one.
This wouldn't have been possible without Unknown Modder and drp4lyf!


* Update vehicles for b2944 (San Andreas Mercenaries)

* Update despawn fix for b2802, entirely thanks to alexguirre!
* Update vehicles for b2802 (Los Santos Drug Wars)

* Display DLC name for vehicles from official DLC
* Display warning for b2699 (The Criminal Enterprises) vehicles

Yes, they're still spawnable and WILL crash your game when spawned anyway. No, I'm not filtering them out for the off-chance someone puts working files for these models, or for the off-chance of R* adding them in a future update. There's a fat warning now, spawning them is now completely at your own risk.

Note: There was a small time window of 40 minutes where a faulty version was uploaded, apologies for that. It is unpublished now, only the hotfix version is available.

Hotfix changes:
* Fix missing return path in DLC filtering (undefined behavior)
* Update menu dependency

* Update vehicles for b2612 (Expanded and Enhanced) (Spawning them will crash the game, but at least they're filtered away now)
* Update vehicles for b2699 (The Criminal Enterprises)

* Update vehicles for b2545 (The Contract)
* Fix non-DLC content added each load when no addons present

* List and sort spawn list by manufacturer before model
* Load images on start instead of on selection

Thank you fingaweg for making this fast update possible!

* Update vehicles for b2372 (Los Santos Tuners)
* Fix re-initialization problems
* Improve image loading (support .webp)

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