GTA Network is an alternative multiplayer client for Grand Theft Auto V focused on allowing everyone to create their own powerful scripts and host dedicated servers. The entire client was created from scratch and is being continuously maintained by the GTA Network Team. Our focus on stability and performance makes this multiplayer client one of a kind and we constantly ensure perfection by regularly providing big updates and small security fixes. Looking to host a server? Take a look at the Wiki for a full explanation on how to get started. Want to get involved in the GTA Network community? Swing by our forums and introduce yourself!

GTA Network Requirements
- A clean, complete and fully updated install of GTA V.
- The game must be installed in a folder that does not require admin rights.
- Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable must be installed.
- Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable must be installed.

Non-Windows 10 users
- .NET Framework 4.6.2 Redistributable or newer must be installed.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Installing GTA Network

- Download the client setup archive by clicking on the download button.
- Run the install wizard after extracting it.
- Select your game type.
- Choose an install location where you have administrator permissions.

- Download the server setup archive by clicking on the download button.
- Edit the settings.xml file with a text editor (Notepad++ recommended) where necessary.
- Run the server executable file.

Make sure you port forward 4499 to allow clients to connect.

If you're faced with crashes or fatal errors make sure to read through the FAQ before you post a thread in our technical support section. Don't forget to use the format!

Join the community!
Get involved with GTA Network! Connect with other users and always be up-to-date by joining our Discord server.

We hope that you'll enjoy playing GTA Network.

© GTA Network is in no way affiliated with Rockstar Games, Inc. Or Take-Two, Inc.
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