Cicada's Dagger Script (CW Cicada) 1.2


Cicada is a DC villain who has the power to absorb other people's energy rendering their powers useless. In the CW version of the Flash, he has the ability to grab people and pull them, nullify meta human powers, and much more. I decided to add my own set of powers just for the fun of it.
Please comment below any suggestions I could make for future updates.
For a full show case, I have a video available to watch.

- Custom audio
- 6 different powers:
Kill, Attach, Throw, Lightning, Flee, Nuke
- Face mask
- Amplified power effects
- Passive power
- Controller Support

Kill - Simple kill power. Throw the dagger and kill them.
Amplified: When on a car, kills all peds in the car.

Attach - Attach a ped to the air or to a car.
No amplified power.

Throw - Throw a ped into the air.
Amplified: When on a car, push a car away.

Lightning - Shock peds and cars. Shuts down cars momentarily. Tazes peds.
Amplified: When on a car, permanently shuts down the car. Opens all doors.

Flee - Causes peds to drop their weapons and run away. Causes cars to drive away quickly.
Amplified: When on a car, body panels break off. Tires burst.

Nuke - Causes a huge explosion pushing everything away from you.
No amplified power.

Passive power - Any hostiles near you will infinitely reload as long as the power is toggled on.

In addition, you have the power to kill people in one punch.

As for the red and blue circle that appear, the red circle means you have a ped attached to your dagger. The blue circle means the dagger is attached to a vehicle indicating an amplified power.
Note - Sometimes the red circle which indicates that you have a ped attached will bug out and show that you have someone attached when you don't, just press Z to reset that.

Controls customizable in .ini
F6 - Activate
Left click - Use power
Right click - Throw dagger out. Can hit car or ped.
X - Recall dagger.
Q & E - Cycle through powers
Z - Reset attached (in case it bugs out)
C - Toggle passive ability

(No controller method to activate as of right now, implementing that in future mod menu)
Right Trigger - Use power
Left Trigger - Throw dagger out.
Right Bumper - Recall dagger
Left & Right D-Pad - Cycle through powers
Up D-pad - Reset attached (in case it bugs)
Right Stick - Toggle passive ability

You WILL need ScriptHookV & ScriptHookVDotNet. All other files needed are provided in the download.

Drag all contents in the "Cicada Dagger" folder into your scripts folder.

NAudio - Mark Heathe
ScriptHookV - Alexander Blade
ScriptHookVDotNet - crosire

Change log
1.2 - Bug fix: Powers would switch when pressing A or D. Fixed now!
Bug fix: Fixed parachute deploying when dropping a far distance.

1.1 - Added Controller support
Added model string and mask toggle in the .ini file
Added passive ability

1.0 - Initial release

What's planned?
- Mod menu that works with all my scripts.
- Possibly more powers? Please suggest!
- Possible script communicator support.
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