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( I )
[ Misc ]

( II )
[ My Thoughts About The Mod ]

( III )
[ Infos About Files ]

( IV )
[ Issues With Uploading ]

( V )
[ Requirements ]

( VI )
[ How To Install ]

( VII )
[ Features From The Mod ]

( VIII )
[ Changelogs ]

( IX )
[ Bugs And Glitches ]

( I )
[ Misc ].

Please do not upload this mod to another site Without permission.

( II )
[ My Thoughts About The Mod ].

I Developed This mod changes reaction of being shot closest to: Max Payne 3. Balancing, brace styles look like GTA IV and RDR.
This Mod Modifies The Physics from the game. All versions have Different kind of variety, Latest version contains fixes and improvements. maybe some glitches. Worked on like 2 weeks for the first version. idk, but it was worth it. I got not much else to say. but This does look great.

( III )
[ Infos About Files ].

physicstasks.ymt modifies the global euphoria physics. Needed if you wanna apply the mod.

Wilma_large.xml, Wilma.xml, Fred_large.xml and Fred.xml Modifies Certain bones and their angles. The mod May not work correctly if you don't install.

weapons.meta modifies the weapon forces and other stuff. The mod can work without it.

x64a.rpf physicstasks.ymt is for perfecting i guess. you can launch and play without it if you installed the first physicstasks.

( IV )
[ Issues With Uploading ].


( V )
[ Requirements ].

Requires OpenIV and "Mods" foler.
Download OpenIV from its official site.
Create one mods folder if you don't have.

( VI )
[ How To Install ].

[ Main File ]

Open .OIV file and install.

Choose a version to install and Install "physicstasks.ymt" into:
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-Update-Update.rpf-x64-data-tune
replace it with "physicstasks.ymt".

[ Required ]
wilma.xml, wilma_large.xml, fred.xml and fred_large.xml.

Install files inside "Naturalmotion" into:
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-common.rpf-data-naturalmotion
Replace "wilma.xml, wilma_large.xml, fred.xml" and "fred_large.xml".

[ Required ]

Open .OIV file and install.

Install files inside "weapons.meta-mp [ File name ]" into:
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-update-update.rpf-dlc_packs-mp [ File name ]-common-data-ai
Replace with "weapon [ File name ]".

Install file inside "weapons.meta-mpchristmas3" into:
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-update-x64-dlcpacks-mpchristmas3-dlc.rpf-common-data-ai
Replace with "weapon_pistolxm3.meta".

Install file inside "weapons.meta-mp2023_01" into:
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-update-x64-dlcpacks-mp2023_01-dlc.rpf-common-data-ai
Replace with "weapon_tecpistol.meta".

Install file inside "weapons.meta-mp2023_02" into:
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-update-x64-dlcpacks-mp2023_02-dlc.rpf-common-data-ai
Replace with "weapon_battlerife.meta".

[ Required ]

Install file inside "weapons.meta" into:
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-common.rpf-data-ai
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-update-update.rpf-common-data-ai
Replace with "weapons.meta".

[ Not Necessary ]

Open .OIV file and install.

Install file inside "x64a.rpf" into:
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-x64.rpf-data-tune
Replace with "physicstasks.ymt".

( VII )
[ Features From The Mod ].

Brings the Closest Euphoria from RDR, Max Payne 3 and GTA IV styles.
Improved balancing and shots. just a little "unrealistic".

( VIII )
[ Changelogs ].

[ Release ].

Fixed some things in behaviours.xml. Headshot reactions are much more better now, it looks smoother and more natural. Changed death styles. The previous versions use FallToKnees when died, now i changed it to StaggerFall which means, no weird stiffness glitches! Tho there are still FallToKnees command which i could not remove from this point. Leg shots are better now. It was kinda weird to see characters just raise their arm when they are shot in the legs, so i fixed it. It's a bit more smooth and maybe realistic. Shotgun reactions are improved, now they don't have any weird stiffnesses which were kinda looking bad. Fire reactions were kinda changed. Not really interesting but they can atleast stand, not just fall like in vanilla. V1.7 will be here very soon, so keep your patience. Btw I added OIV package installer so it should be very quick to update older versions to newer versions.

Added many "stayUpright" messages which does what it says. for shot reactions and balancing reactions. But "fallOverWall" messages and some shot reactions will be, well. kinda suck. But it's time since i got a good another step to the MP3 euphoria. Some Changes to fallToKnees. Added melee weapons like i said previous changelog. Most importantly, I Just wanted to atleast change something because i forgot almost everything i changed in this version. I can't always make a "better version" because i don't, and can't do these stuff like every day. And I'm pretty much new for editing a file. Especially a physics file. So I need you guys to not be disappointed by getting worse version than previous one. I'm trying my best to make the good. Thanks for reading.

Changed and improved a lot compare to be the latest one. FalloverWall messages are now with melee reactions. Shotgun reactions are now much more natural since i removed instant ragdolling when shot. Now you'll see them with more balancing. weapons.meta files have been changed, now you'll have more or less bullet force. almost every headshot forces are decreased to 100 or higher. I'll add melee weapons for the next update. Removed some unused, or useless things that i found. "upperbodyflinch" messages have been filled with more params and those are gonna change some reactions for bail outs, reaction on balance failing, and much more. Added a new file that's called "mpchristmas3" inside "[ Weapons.meta ]" folder which modifies the WM29 pistol that i did not add last time. Those are chooseable option when you install this mod, but you'll need it if you want to experience the true, smooth and satisfying ragdolls that i made. I did couple of things that i don't quite remember. Doesn't seem to be a big problem. Fixed lifting up force when you crash with your bike into anything physical. Previous had pretty much like GTAIV, but that was kinda weird to be honest. So i chose to change that down a little bit. Now you'll see more Okay reactions with your bikes. Added a new alternative rolling and bailing reaction which i turned the back bending down a little bit. Lastly, Removed Immersive Combat from [ Compatible Mods ] and its folder. Since i found my own way to control the bullet forces, i decided to remove it. And that was all from what i can remember. I was in a pretty much hurry since i did not upload for a quite long time. Anyway, nothing was really changed in this version but, whatever. Enjoy the new version. By the way, Thanks to Blorpis for helping me how to have rolling reactions like RDR1.

V1.4 Fixes and Improvements:
Just like the title of this version says, A lot of fixes are added compare to be the latest. I could not test very well since i was using my very-old-style laptop. Also added some messages inside "upperBodyflinch". which is called "dontBracehead", it should make characters lay their hands and arms on their heads like protecting themselves you know. Nothing changes about what they actually move, but their movements? i guess they are better. no shot reactions are changed. rolling behaviours are mostly changed in this version. And lastly, if the game does not launch correctly, or crashes. uninstall physicstasks.ymt and replace it with another. that should help. atleast from what i can see.

Added a bunch of GTA IV tasks that i confirmed working. base shot reactions are much looser and look like a mixed version of GTA IV and MP3. Fire reactions improved. Their reactions are more smoother than before. New headshot reaction, there isn't much difference but it fixes some issues that previous reactions had, and it's more looser. Added some tasks to "bodyrollup". Now ragdolls look like a little bit more balanced and GTA IV like. Max steps for every balancing and bracing tasks. decreased automatic weapons and snipers' bullet force for weapons.meta file. Falloverwall data changed, Now you will see them falling over the wall when you shoot them close to a wall they can fall over. Also fixed and improved much more but i forgot since it's been days and i was busy.

Enhanced some shot reactions and stiffness. Big changes in falltoknees when shot, now peds will no longer raise their arms up. Fixed some stiffness for bodies. weapons.meta files' bullet forces increased. more comfortable instructions for "info and install.txt". Other various changes.

Fixed terrible mistake for legshot that i did not find before. armshot also improved. Added weapons.meta folder so you can decrease the bullet force. Fixed balancing for gunshots, now they won't fall off while balancing, And various changes that i mostly forgot.

Added massive amount of mp3 tasks that i don't know if those are even gonna work properly. Neckshot reaction fixed. New headshot reaction since i broke the older one somehow. Balancing indefinitely is now all set to true, they will try to balance forever ( not really ). Oh and I couldn't handle the bullet forces so you might wanna find out how to decrease them. maybe weapons.meta but i'll find it out in next version.

V1.0 RE:
Fixed some of reactions from originals. Added 3 different versions available. Forcefall reaction changed a bit.

[ Beta ].

Fixed issue when you crash through windscreen with cars or bikes, Characters did not roll as they should. Headshot force decreased 2.68 to 2.5. and pretty much forgotten things.

Added more weights to the body. Impulse reduce per shot value changed 2.5 to 3.0. Minimum shot reaction time decreased, And some stuff i forgot.

Improved Neckshot reactions. Gravity changes for rollings and falls. More forces for running against bullet. Added V8 and V8.5 into Old for x64a foler and originals. Fixes and improvements for base shot reactions.

Increased headshot impulse. bracing changes. Increased Max impulse for Optional instant drop for shotgun. Moved V7 and 7.5 to old for x64a foler.

Minor Stiffness changes for bracing, shots and ragdolls. Brought back some old version of shot reactions (Not much). Improved Pushing and bracing for impact, Now they will balance indefinitely. headshot force increased. more bracing for legshot, now peds won't fall almost instantly. Added more chance of balancing for arm and shoulder shots. Moved V7-7.5 into Old, You can find them and use them. Added compatible mods folder. Added optional folder that brings more writhy and twitchy shot reaction for peds. and added Max Payne 3 styled shotgun reactions for Optionals. They won't balance much but It's satisfying. Looseness Changes for Original V10.

Now peds will fall more fast when falling to knees. neckshot issue fixed. small changes.

Improved Shot reactions. Max steps for every balancing tasks and messages increased. Headshot force decreased a little, unnoticeable change. Fixed and improved some legshot reactions. Added optionals that adds some features. Removed KBEV- from every files because those were pretty annoying to install. Added every versions to x64a.rpf and added V6-V6.5 to old You can use them anytime.

Changed shot reactions as always. bracing changes. fixed peds falling to knees after getting hit by cars. shock spin values changed. added optional 2x bullet forces. Added InjuredOnGround status. More like "Alive" status. They will be alive few seconds after falling to the ground.

Changed General shot reactions. bullet force slightly increased. new headshot reactions. now they will fall more smooth. and rarely balance when headshot.

Hotfix: Fixed headshot grabbing when shot for all alternatives. changed no wound reach for headshot reactions. now they won't grab their head when dropped.

Small shot base changes. optional no headshot balancing, similar to V2 alternative. balancing indefinitely values changed. Little bit of bullet force increase.

V7 Fixed:
Added chooseable bullet force between 0.25 to 1.0 in optional folder.

Major gunshot reaction changes. Headshot perfected, shot impulse refined. decreased amount of air resistance and spin reducing messages. now you will almost fly when rolling fast. Peds twitching decreased. Alternative version is out. lastly, Readme.txt file has been updated to make people easy to understand. kinda.

Made peds able to push around with cars and on foot. Small behaviour changes.

Headshot impulse increased. increased balancing for armshot.

A brand new bullet Impulse reactions. now peds will mostly stay balanced, you can push peds slightly. completely removed "armswindmill" that i forgot in previous versions. now peds will react smoothly and almost same way to max payne 3.

General Gunshot reaction changes.

Minor bullet force decreases, peds will stay balanced for the most times when they are shot. added naturalmotions folder that will modify behaviours. Small changes of Explosion reactions.

Global Fixes and improvements for Flinch reactions. it's melee reactions if you don't know. like fists, knives and bats. also some Alternative versions are out that doesn't really bother the gameplay but some small features you can check out.

Fixed Bullet forces issue, New legshot reactions. and some unnoticeable changes.

Changed global shot reactions.

Fixed and Removed some tasks named "Armswindmill" so peds won't swing their arms when they get headshot.

Improved neck shot, added Alternative version that changes headshot reactions and some bugs.

Little bit improvement on balancing, fire reactions and some things i forgot.

First version of the mod. Improved Shot reactions, falling and rolls.

( IX )
[ Bugs And Glitches ].

Peds will sometimes go through the floor and start to glitch when they are on the floor.
( Unfixable but rarely happens )

[ Fixed ]
Peds will still use pointgun even while they are dead sometimes.
( V1.3 )

[ Fixed ]
Peds will have weird reaction when you shoot their heads from behind or shoot their head while falling to knees.
( V1.4 )

Broken reaction when you catch on fire.
( V1.4 )

Characters act weird if falling over cars when shot.
( V1.6.1 )

These Issues May be fixed soon.

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