Los Santos International Airport Police Department | [Add-On | DLS] 1.2


After 2 terror attacks, several mass shootings and that one incident involving a Bean Machine employee back in 04, San Andreas Governor Jock Cranley along with a borderline senile board of directors has deemed it necessary for the near obsolete Los Santos International Airport Police to undergo a complete overfunding and overhaul. Gone are the times of aviators and boxy patrol cars you can now welcome seizure-inducing LEDs and Coil branded tasers! (But don’t worry, the racial prejudices are still the same) From handing out hundred-dollar tickets to helpless cab drivers to chasing drunken joyriders across an active runway, the action never stops for the LSIAPD! (Unless of course there’s a minor traffic accident, then prepare for multi-hour standstill traffic just to wait in a dirty terminal for your seven-hour flight) So come on down, enjoy the jet fuel fumes, and pray to God some clueless vigilante doesn’t choose to challenge a suicide-bomber at gunpoint.



Without these you may experience game crashes or glitched lights.


Dynamic Lighting System:
Brute Centurion:
Dinka Thrust:
Speedo Express:

This mod is a lore-friendly vehicle pack aimed to be an accurate representation of LAXPD (Los Angeles International Airport Police Department)

The spawn codes for the included vehicles are as follows:

lsiastanier - Patrol Variant Stanier
lsiastanierk9 - K-9 Variant Stanier
lsiastanierumk - Unmarked Variant Stanier
lsiafug - Patrol Variant Fugitive
lsiascoutII - Patrol Variant Scout II
lsiasectorrence - Traffic & Security Torrence
lsiasecspeedo - Traffic & Security Speedo XL

Each vehicle includes 3-5 liveries with different unique markings and roof numbers

Installation instructions, Speedo Express Liveries, Dinka Thrust Liveries, Brute Centurion Livery, Traffic & Security EUP, Motor Officer EUP, BCA EUP and DLS Configs are included in the ZIP.


Scout II:

Rockstar Games - Model parts and textures
actuallyTOXIC - Size correction, front and rear end edits, LODs, post-Nacho model fixes, post-Maate improvements
11john11 - Door locks and rear window wiper
AllenKennedy - Ford Interceptor-style rims
Nacho - Increasing poly count, improving poly flow, normals fixes, bug fixes
Jacobmaate - Dash remodel, exterior improvements, new template, post-Nacho model fixes


Rockstar Games - Base Vapid Stanier models
Jacobmaate - Model improvements, fixes, compilation, 09-11 steel rims
actuallyTOXIC - Model improvements, paintable interior, mapping, customization option compilation, rim edits, Reverse lights edits
OfficerUnderwood - 98-08 SAP style door trim
Vx5 Voltage - Paintable interior textures
11john11 - old center caps, 09-11 hubcaps
Crizby - Bug testing
Doutis - Bug testing

Traffic & Security Speedo:

Monkeypolice188 - Base LCPD Model


11john11 - Improved Fugitive, rims
IIayArye - Improved Fugitive
Lt.Caine - Mapped Fugitive
Eddlm - Improved Handling


Rockstar Games - Original Vehicle Textures, Original POLICE3 Model
Allen - Torrence Exterior Edits, Template
Vx5 Voltage - Model Fixes, Interior Overhaul, Improved Textures
actuallyTOXIC - Front Bumper, Dash Tweaks, Police Interceptor-Style Dash Cut
MrNineDegree - Minor Dash Tweaks


JacobMaate: Lorified Arjent & Valor lightbars, Stanier Window Bars, Dashcam, Mapped License Plate Holder, K9 Equipment, Scout II Window Bars, Scout II Pushbar wrap, Cabin Gun rack, Trunk Cargo Box

ActuallyToxic: Fixup pushbar, Spotlights, Kabel Partition, Lorified Fed Sig SLR, Trunk Window Bars, Kabel Pushbars, Wiwang JMseries siren controller, Celltowa Playback CompactCam & Celltowa Playback Control Panel, Dome Light, Wiwang Continuum Visor Lights, Lorified Fed sig CN Signalmaster, LS City Seal, Center Console, Celltowa PCR 6900, Trunk Gun lock

11john11: Antennas, MDT, Trunk Equipment, Lorified Arjent Base

Argg: Liveries, MDT Screen, BCA EUP, Traffic security EUP, Motor Officer EUP

AllenKennedy: Sentinel Shotgun

Nachtfliege: Trunk Equipment, Trunk Divider

Doutis: Lorified Fed Sig MB1 Message Board

Ukeys: Screenshots

Rockwl: Vehicle Assembly, DLC Pack assembly, Carcols, DLS Configs, Siren Controller Mount, Fugitive Wheels edits, Numerous Fixes


- Do not reupload this pack on any other website without permission


1.2 - Various fixes for all 3 stanier models, New stanier spotlights
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