Acadia Police Pack [Addon, DLS, EUP, SSLA 2] 1.0


Wicked, noisy, grim, and gray. Acadia is often described as a poor place to live, and with rumors of vigilantes on the rise, civilians can hardly trust the police and their "Engagement Strategy". So why don't you don that ill-fitting uniform and grab those keys to a mistreated patrol car and try to make a difference yourself. Or, if you prefer, sit back and watch the chaos.

This mod is aimed to be a semi-accurate, lore-friendly depiction of the Chicago Police Department. Not all setups are 1-1, however a good deal of time went into figuring out setups and making them look nice.

Requirements -


Without these you may experience game crashes or glitched lights.

Recommended/Optional -

Dynamic Lighting System:
EUP Menu:

The spawn codes for the included vehicles are as follows -

apdstan - Patrol Stanier
apdalamo - Patrol Alamo
apdint - Vapid Interceptor
apdscout - Patrol Scout (old)
apdscout2 - Patrol Scout (new)

Credits -
SCOUT II -=-=-
Rockstar Games - Original Car Model, Textures, and Vehicle Parts
GCT - NFS:MW Model Conversion to GTA IV
Dani02 - Conversion to GTA V, Glass Shards
Vx5 Voltage - Improvements
11john11, llayArye - Mapped Vapid Scout
actuallyTOXIC - Size correction, front and rear end edits, LODs, post-Nacho model fixes, post-Maate improvements
11john11 - Door locks and rear window wiper
AllenKennedy - Ford Interceptor-style rims
Nacho - Increasing poly count, improving poly flow, normals fixes, bug fixes
Jacobmaate - Dash remodel, exterior improvements, new template, post-Nacho model fixes
Doutis - Taillight edits

Interceptor -=-=-
Rockstar Games - Original Vehicle Textures, Original POLICE3 Model
Allen - Exterior Edits, Template
Vx5 Voltage - Model Fixes, Interior Overhaul, Improved Textures
actuallyTOXIC - Front Bumper, Dash Tweaks, Police Interceptor-Style Dash Cut
MrNineDegree - Minor Dash Tweaks

SCOUT -=-=-
Rockstar Games - Original Car Model, Textures, and Vehicle Parts
GCT - NFS:MW Model Conversion to GTA IV
Dani02 - Conversion to GTA V
Vx5 Voltage - Improvements
Allen - Police-style rims
Nacho - Upscaling poly count, model improvements
Jacobmaate - New dash fitted to model, model improvements
actuallyTOXIC - Rescaling model size, various edits, new template

ALAMO -=-=-
Rockstar Games - Original Vehicle.
GCT - Short Granger model
IlayArye - Vehicle model, UV mapping, creation of original template
Eddlm - Custom handling
actuallyTOXIC - Conversion to PPV, front end model edits, new template
Jacobmaate - Trunk edits
Glenn O'Connell - Parts for trunk edits and taillight setup
Allen - A true legend for getting trailers to work <3
Bozza - Front bumper light covers, rear seat edits, taillight replace
bravo-1-charlie - New headlights

Rockstar Games - Base Assets
Jacobmaate - Model improvements, fixes, 09-11 steel rims
actuallyTOXIC - Model improvements, model light edits, paintable interior, mapping, rim edits,
Vx5 Voltage - Paintable interior textures

Vehicle Assets -=-=-
actuallyTOXIC - Consoles, Spotlights, Trojan MDT, antennas, siren controllers, radios, ONO Advantage
Jacobmaate - Interior partition, interior dome light, lore-friendly 21tr lightbar, trunk cargo box, original federal plates
Redtail - SoundOff NForce, SoundOff modules
Sethy1124 - SoundOff Intersectors, SoundOff NForce edits
Doutis - antennas
OfficerFailz - Chicago Police beat tag, Code 3 XT4

Peds/EUP -=-=-
EUP Team - original assets
OfficerFailz - Custom vest and belt

Misc./2D assets -=-=-
OfficerFailz - Meta editing, DLS configs, EUP textures, EUP menu presets, 2D assets, mod compilation, liveries
SuperStumpje - liveries

Permissions -
You are free to use this mod in any SP saves or FiveM servers. I will not allow any reuploading without making any modifications. I intend on posting my mods to this website, gta5-mods, and nowhere else.
Should you wish to use any assets from this pack for your own purposes, plase know that it between you and the original author and I am unable to give permission for said assets.
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