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  • Heists2

    Have just released a small update, version 2.8. This update contains:

    *Random chance of the target being guarded on Lester's Assassinations,
    *Random chance of the target driving/moving around on Lester's Assassinations,
    *The location of the target is now sent to you by text on Lester's Assassinations,
    *All new spawn points for Lester's Briefcase job,
    *Updates to guards on Gerald's Last Play and Lester's Briefcase job

    22. juni 2021
  • Heists2

    @415KiDD Thank you! Yeah I'll probably add in an option for this in an update soon.

    @SwiftyBonez That shouldn't matter, have you changed around your keybindings for the game? The script uses sprint + left arrow key to activate the menu. By default sprint is shift but if it's assigned to a different key then you'll have to hold that one instead.

    @devilslayer000 You have to complete the heist Blitz Play from the campaign to unlock the boiler suits.

    @Nagarjun gowda You don't need gestures.dll. This mod used to be called gestures but has been renamed, if you have the old version then delete gestures.dll, if you don't then you can just copy everything downloaded to your games scripts folder.

    @ManWhoLaughs That's weird, I haven't seen that bug before. I know that using things like Enable All Interiors and loading MP maps can cause problems with the campaign related to maps/missions and cause it to glitch or completely crash. That's why they normally recommend completing the game first. I played through the heist earlier and after completing was able to use the phone to call a taxi and save the game at Michaels house okay. I can't think of why it would cause any problems as this script doesn't interfere with the campaign, I'll do some testing though and see if I can encounter any problems on mine.

    22. juni 2021
  • Heists2

    Have just released a fix for the Humane Labs finale where the game would sometimes decide to delete the Valkyrie when too far away. The Valkyrie will now only spawn when you are at the pickup point.

    21. juni 2021
  • Heists2

    @ManWhoLaughs Thank you so much!

    @SwiftyBonez Are you holding shift and pressing the left arrow key at the same time? Do you have NativeUI and all other requirements installed correctly?

    @rockstarfan_101 Pretty sure the Epic Games version uses a different version of scripthook and so there will be some scripts that just aren't supported. I haven't looked in to the differences and I only play on the Steam version of the game so I'd have no way of developing & testing it. I'm not even sure if Enable All Interiors works on the Epic Games version either which is required for this mod.

    21. juni 2021
  • Heists2

    @FireKD7 Thank you! Nope this mod doesn’t affect the main story progression or anything like that. GTA has a limited amount of blips that can be displayed on the map and so some mods that use them can cause mission and other blips to disappear.

    I’d recommend playing through the game first or unloading mods when playing the campaign as other things like enabling mp maps and enable all interiors can cause missions from the main story to crash as well.

    @ManWhoLaughs Thank you! Ahh that’s so annoying, I’ve encountered that bug as well before and thought I fixed it in the previous update. It’s the game deciding to delete the vehicle when too far away.

    I’ll release a fix later on today and will just spawn it after the player gets to its location.

    Will probably make them available as separate missions at some point, I will also be making the aircraft carrier setup it’s own separate heist soon as well.

    When I have the time I do plan to add these heists eventually, for now I’m gonna update/add more jobs and work on improving other stuff.

    21. juni 2021
  • Heists2

    @rockstarfan_101 One of the installation instructions haven’t been followed correctly then or something isn’t right your end. Again, it doesn’t need fixing as there’s nothing wrong with it if installed properly. I played through the heist earlier and encountered no problems.

    If you’re using Enable All Interiors then make sure the aircraft carrier map is enabled, also make sure MP maps are enabled. If you’re using a pirated or epic games version of the game then it won’t work.

    20. juni 2021
  • Heists2

    @rockstarfan_101 Do you have enable all interiors installed as well? It doesn’t need fixing as it works correctly, you just need something to load and enable the maps/interiors properly.

    20. juni 2021
  • Heists2

    @rockstarfan_101 That means you don’t have MP maps enabled, this is required for almost every job/heist and is listed in the description.

    Most trainers have an option listed under their settings, normally under teleporting options.

    20. juni 2021
  • Heists2

    @thalilmythos Yeah I’ll probably be making some more adjustments to it soon, might add in a random chance of the target having bodyguards or something like that to add a bit of a challenge.

    @Nasiri Mahd I’ve only tested out my mods on the legit Steam version of the game so I cannot confirm if it will work on any other version.

    @nightcrawlerfan1996 Noo sorry, I haven’t played Red Dead Redemption 2 yet.

    @TheSe7eN I’m afraid this mod only works with the Steam version of the game and the Epic games version is not supported.

    @rockstarfan_101 In what way, what’s not working for you? I’ve tested out all of the heists multiple times and they seem to be running fine on mine.

    @XxraikenxX The pickups? Are you running the latest Steam version of the game with all updates installed? The mod will use props/pickups from the latest game updates so if they’re not installed then they’ll fail to load.

    20. juni 2021
  • Heists2

    I have just released a small update, version 2.7. This update features:

    *Added a new job - Lamar's It's A G Thing. Gerald has been arrested and is being transported in the back of a riot van. Free him, lose the cops and deliver him to the drop off point. This job also uses voice lines featured in online.
    *Changed the way Lester's Assassination works - it no longer uses true random spawn points as this caused too many problems, targets will either spawn in one of 150 scripted locations on foot or in a vehicle at a random location. Take out the target, leave the area and you'll be paid.
    *Lester's Assasination job now properly clears stuff up after leaving the area or failing.
    *Changed all of Gerald's Last Play spawn locations, there's now 50 scripted locations that'll be selected at random.

    19. juni 2021