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  • 93e275 5656

    @xInno3Dx still something more to fix; misplaced reverse light corona in the middle of the back of the car, only one cornona for taillights which is misplaced, atomic tire textures instead of michelin (fixed it myself).

    but overall it looks good for a free mod :)

    2 dage siden
  • 93e275 5656

    @le__AK just tested the car, how can i get the spoiler angles like on your screenshots ? in my game its just standing straight.

    maybe you can change the button for the spoiler to need to push it longer, like if you open the convertibles ingame.

    so short press will be light, long press is "convertible" aka spoiler.

    2 dage siden
  • 93e275 5656

    @le__AK nice to see you back in action !!! was missing your UHD mods :)

    i really like the way to control the spoiler via right cross button, please keep it like that !!! Auto Spoiler sucks in GTA5

    2 dage siden
  • 93e275 5656

    @Brandoman i really like your idea with the radio implementation, and if you coded that you are so much better than me in that stuff :D so im sorry i cant help you.

    9 dage siden
  • 93e275 5656

    @Brandoman im not really a modder as you can see in my downloads, i just fix working stuff or make it better for my personal ingame experience and when it turns out good for me i like to share with the community.

    i cant code or do stuff, i just look what the author of the mods did and do the same stuff my way, like slightly changing weather files of NVR and stuff do get other lighting or dust etc.

    performancewise i cant say anything because i never made it the other way. i always installed the "addon" mods myself into vanilla folderstructure.

    For example when there is an Aventador that goes via addon with new DLC pack and stuff i just extract the DLC, get me all the files i need and than i REPLACE zentorno and its .meta lines with the ones extracted from the add on dlc.

    if zentorno is taken i rename it zentorno2 or whatever.
    this way i have always the vanilla folder structure, but i also have ADDON cars and stuff, but they look like its vanilla.

    there is so much space in the vanilla DLCs, why should i go and do 112 dlcs for 112 cars that i want to add.

    9 dage siden
  • 93e275 5656

    @Brandoman since i deleted the files LOOONG ago there were i think 2 or 3 rockstar updates. and its still working

    the 6 files you mentioned are the ones to delete.

    one thing is different in my mods. i dont use additional add on DLC packs.
    i use vanilla dlc and ADD stuff into them. for example all the architecture, road texture etc. mods are into MP airraces, MP halloween and mp specialraces.

    so i have the vanilla folder structure.
    important is that you edit the content.xml file with for example the red lined stuff in my post further down.
    change the name to the DLCpack you are working in.

    also you need to create a new folder with the new .rpf file in it like on my screenshots.

    8. marts 2019
  • 93e275 5656

    @3821 of course, just rename the file or put in the texture files into the .ytd file manually

    24. februar 2019
  • 93e275 5656

    @FrostyGaming send me an email to and i will explain as good as i can, maybe .rar all my files and send to you.

    24. januar 2019
  • 93e275 5656

    @mrzoltowski extrasunny and foggy weather after rain, no enb, no reshade, no nothing, just the timecycle file.

    8. januar 2019
  • 93e275 5656

    @mrzoltowski looks nice, but at the moment im working on some standalone weatherfiles that look good without ENB, reshade and other overlays that cause FPS drops.

    i prefer the old ENB 275 anyways, because in my opinion sometimes less is more. i dont use reshade anymore.

    nice screenshots btw, looks really good, i will do some for u ingame soon, so u can have a look.

    7. januar 2019