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    Will this work with WOV and DOV?

    10 hours ago
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    @lucasvinbr Ohh so that's how that works. I'm still confused about how it works since even if i'm on their spawn point the enemy just keep spam spawning. Can't you bring back the manual reset spawn points pleaaase? :) Also i really hope the attacking the player with melee thing can be changed. I'm seriously having a hard time playing the game while gang members keep attack me with melee weapons like unstopabble zombies. I really wish they'd run away when i pull out or shoot my gun at them like normal peds. (When melee weapons only option is on)

    12 hours ago
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    @youcancallmesir Why do we need to PM you? Why not just post it here?

    en dag siden
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    @Rumblestrut Hello why is half of the textures of Rubio's Mansion in Cayo Perico not rendering right?

    2 dage siden
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    @lucasvinbr Thanks for the reply. What i mean is there is just a single spawn point during wars now. From what i remember from the previous version when i started a war there were always three spawn points where my allies can spawn and i had the option to reset them whenever their spawn points are being overrun. Now because it's just one spawn point from both my gang and the enemy's they're just trying to rush at each other with no strategy at all. I haven't downloaded the recent version because i heavily modified your previous one to my personal preference. I wanted to try out the newest version and was a bit confused at how everything works now. Lol. Hoping for some claification. Thank you. :)

    5 dage siden
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    @lucasvinbr YES please include that as a ModOption. That would be very helpful especially when playing during missions. Although that's weird. I thought it was already featured. One of my mods must've had it disabled it before i downloaded the updated version of G&T.

    Also since i've donwloaded the most recent version i noticed you change the war system? It's no longer a multiple spawn point but just one area? You've also removed the option to reset the spawn points to random locations? My gangs keep getting swamped for some reason.

    Keep up the good work Lucas. Your mod is the bomb.

    18. september 2022
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    Can't find it. Where is it exactly?

    17. september 2022
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    Would there be an issue of clipping with the masks?

    15. september 2022
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    @lucasvinbr Thanks for replying regarding the double menu mod. I found out that the HKH191sBusinessMods for some reason are creating conflict with the mod. (So for anyone else having that weird bug, most likely it's because of HKH191's mods.)

    Another issue i noticed is that gang members will still attack you even though they only have the melee weapons only feature activated. Even when you pull out your gun they still attack you instead of running away which is really frustrating especially when you're trying to complete a mission. Not sure if that's a new feature or a bug but they didn't do that in the older versions of this mod.

    Also i was wondering if you're planning to add alliances? Like your Gang is allied to Gang A, B, C and D but is enemies with Gang E, F and etc. It would really fit the <ignoreTurfOwnershipWhenAmbientSpawning> feature. Like i would imagine with that feature more random attacks and drivebys from your listed enemy gangs would occur instead of having a free for all which could get tiresome.

    12. september 2022
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    I have updated Scripthook and ScripthookDotNet. I also have updated Native UI yet when i do the Alt+Point at ped attack the bodyguards just follow them. Am i missing something here? I'm fairly familiar with the old version of AB mod and have tweaked the INI file with no problem. With this version however i honestly don't know what i did wrong.

    12. september 2022