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  • Bugstars

    @aimless By the way. Have you got Discord? The server is up and new link I posted under your mod is working.

    20. juli 2018
  • Bugstars

    @aimless Escape with Lamar to Benny's. I'll post a video of this mission very soon.

    20. juli 2018
  • Bugstars

    Try this one
    Or if you don't wish to wait 5 seconds to join
    Use this link

    19. juli 2018
  • Bugstars

    Unofficial Discord channel for Mission Maker/Build a Mission modifications. I apologize aimless if you won't be glad because I didn't get your permission.

    18. juli 2018
  • Bugstars

    Hey @aimless
    I had no idea how to write you a private message, so I'll post it here
    What do you thinking about creating a Discord server for this mod? It would be possible to create a community around this modification and also post some tips etc. What do you think about that?

    17. juli 2018