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    @stillhere Thanks a lot for your reply. About potential options I admit I tend to be somehow focused on UI. ^^;
    I think there is no priority to change the radio stations logos to round/black ones (us, users, can do it manually with any decent image editing software) but having optionally a different/other image indicating the currently active station (like the default player-themed colored stroked circle) may help to blend more with the game UI standards.

    Having also the possibility to remove —or instead leaving them in a log file— the "Loading Custom Radios..." and "Custom Radios Loaded" subtitle text and —not very important— eventually fully overriding the default radio station wheel when pressing TAB (only this script would be loaded instead)?

    25. januar 2019
  • 58f028 tex 28370b

    Really interesting script! I love how it is able to play all of the radio stations ever made for the GTA series instead of just a few handpicked ones. Radios for all tastes and preferences! :D

    Just as a little suggestion, does it may be eventually possible to toggle off the help box (DisplayHelpTextThisFrame) and the radio description box (the one at the right of the screen) to make the radio wheel more closer to the vanilla one in a future update of this script? (and thus may even be used as a replacer. Also having more user-toggleable options via .ini file is always nice) ^_^

    25. januar 2019
  • 58f028 tex 28370b

    Really nice and creative mod idea, good work!
    As little suggestion does it may be eventually (and technically) possible to add the possibility to change the displayed name of the foods via an .ini file for users wanting to add more realism/personalization in their game (for example being able to rename "Number 45 Burger" by "Large Burger" or "Number 9 Burger" by any other name)? :)

    9. juni 2017
  • 58f028 tex 28370b

    @carface80 After fiddling with the vehicles.meta files settings of the Granger, I noticed that the cause of game crashes —at least in my case— when entering into the vehicle is due to this line in your suggested setup:

    Anyway after changing every over lines except the layout one (left the default one, <layout>LAYOUT_RANGER</layout>), the game stopped crashing when entering into the SUV. Also the dials and radio screen are working perfectly.
    Maybe this may help some people here... :)

    Otherwise, perfect and lightweight car mod. Always great to see more mainstream US cars in the game world.

    22. maj 2017
  • 58f028 tex 28370b

    Love those older common/mainstream vehicles, fit very nicely and give a more immersive feel to the game environment.
    Besides a small issue with LOD as mentioned in other comments above me, I love the details and materials used in this model. Truly love it! :)

    15. januar 2017
  • 58f028 tex 28370b

    @aimless Sorry again for posting almost the same kind of comment but I couldn't modify my previous post for more details and correcting some mistakes I wrote. My apologies.
    I added some screen captures showing the parts of the UI which could be eventually fixed.

    • As first suggestion the mission initialization message typo should said "Press _ to Mission Name" instead of "push_To Mission Name" to fit with the standard game text.
    Also does it may be eventually possible to replace the $ object used as in-game marker by a circle marker as more commonly used in-game? (or why not as an option? Anyway this suggestion isn't very important, feel free to ignore it if it may be an issue)

    • The help dialog saying "push_/tab to continue" after completing a mission should also be "Press _ to continue." to fit again with the default game writing style.
    And as mentioned in my previous post the "MONEY EARNED" doesn't have any monetary symbol ($ for example) displayed in front of the earned cash.

    • It is normal that the missions blips used on the map are surrounded by a blue circle? If yes why not removing the blue circle and instead adding a blue tint to the star blip to blend more with the other ones?

    • And lastly does it may possible to automatically launch all the missions at game start without opening the Build a Mission menu and manually checking the concerned option each time (or as an alternative always remembering the user choice)?

    Well I hope my UI suggestions will not annoy you, it may seems I'm really obsessed with everything UI/UX-related.
    Thank you a lot for this mod. :)

    Udvid for at læse hele kommentaren
    5. januar 2017
  • 58f028 tex 28370b

    @aimless Using your mod since its earlier releases, I would thank you a lot for all the hard work and dedication put into this project for the modding community which greatly extend the offline experience value.

    Anyway I have a little suggestion about a UI fix which I admit bother me (it may seem I have some OCD haha). It may be a very subtle overlooked detail which doesn't affect at all the gameplay but these two elements doesn't use the more common text style used in almost all of their equivalent parts used in the default game and most other scripts mods:
    • The help dialog saying "push_/tab to continue" may be "Push _/Tab to continue." to fit more with the standard writing style.
    • The "MONEY EARNED" doesn't have any monetary symbol ($ for example) displayed just before the earned cash like in the vanilla game missions.

    And also —but not very important— could it be possible to have a toggleable option to replace the big in-game marker displaying "Build A Mission" and mission name by a smaller simple marker (for example a similar circle one in the same white color but without any text and much smaller)?

    1. januar 2017