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  • Gtao62

    @Brandoman Also to answer your last comment: that is possible, and I've (sort of) had plans to incorporate this, but of course, life and responsibilities interfere lol

    7 dage siden
  • Gtao62

    @Brandoman Apologies for the late response. Thank you for the suggestions for a pinned comment, I'll write one in the coming days. In the meantime, I'll just pin your comment.
    I'm glad you like the script! I am obligated, as a moderator, to remind/inform you that this site does not allow uploading of copyrighted music (else we will continue receiving DMCA takedown requests). We are more lenient on music that has appeared in past GTA games, however. All this to say, if you intend to create stations which include copyrighted music that have not appeared in past GTA games, they will most likely be rejected by the site administration; you will have to share elsewhere.
    That said, I've just made a discord server where people can discuss my (and other's) mods, including this one; feel free to join :) The link can be found under my name on this page.

    7 dage siden
  • Gtao62

    Finally got to try it. Amazing work dude! Really fun to just drive around. Wish I had a wheel to enjoy this even more!

    27. februar 2019
  • Gtao62

    This will be the first map I'll install, it's looks too good! Also respect the amount of time and effort put into this. Will be back with a rating for sure

    26. februar 2019
  • Gtao62

    @Joe Gillian oh no I accidentally removed your rating while trying to hit Reply lol

    Thank you. I think you hit the nail on the head, some stations are hardcoded it seems. It's not possible to show both talk stations as well, I think. Probably because the script that controls the radio stuff is constantly checking if you're in the right area. There might be another workaround using a different function, modifying the radio scaleform perhaps.

    23. februar 2019
  • Gtao62

    @ChrisH526 Make sure the station folder and .PNG image have matching names.
    I'm not sure if you mean just the image doesn't show (so you only see the station name in the wheel) or if the station doesn't show at all; if it's the latter then it's because the script didn't find any music inside that station folder. If it's the former then a matching .PNG for the station folder wasn't found.

    12. februar 2019
  • Gtao62

    @LexxyT it's not a mod, it's actual add-on radios like these:

    10. februar 2019
  • Gtao62

    @lthorne_03 a site called two66

    @Bigsnick That is exactly the purpose of this script. It's a replacement for self-radio as well

    4. februar 2019
  • Gtao62

    @Songb1rd It's the hud_def_desat_Neutral timecycle. You can probably enable it with simple trainer

    @theburninman Ah that's great, glad to hear it! There was no error in the logs before you fixed it though?

    @WolfFire23309 Thanks bro

    3. februar 2019
  • Gtao62

    @theburninman sounds like it crashed. Can you share your scripthookvdotnet log and CustomRadioStations log on pastebin and paste the link here please.
    Also please try with at least two stations if you haven't already

    @onotor you're welcome dude

    2. februar 2019