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    @Ners You are doing something wrong. Is your game version legally purchased or pirated? There is a line in the timecycle files that specifically eliminate rain sound. You aren't supposed to touch weather.xml or any other file. These lines are <no_rain> and <no_rain_ripples and they are set to 1.0000 for each hour of the day in ExtraSunny weather.

    @Horvard Just use vanilla procedural.meta if it's that much of an issue for you. The procedural for NVR has procedural shadows enabled for each object which is probably hurting your frame rate.

    29. november 2018
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    @viaz Yes, that is an issue. I've been looking into a fix.

    @Chasco31 Maybe there's something conflicting with your modded weapons. The nights aren't pitch black btw. You should just do a fresh install of GTAV.

    @kratosnomercy Show me a picture. It doesn't look very bright for me, but I'd like to compare it to how it looks on your end.

    @shredxt Thanks but I am already aware of this bug. It will be fixed along with a few other things.

    @Ners That should not happen. Make sure you installed each file correctly. This includes weather.xml and all the timecycle files. Perhaps even try reinstalling using the OIV file.

    28. november 2018
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    @AussieSunset Please double-check your install of the mod. Maybe you mixed up some files. You can also try to back up and rename your current mods folder and then try installing NVR on a clean mods folder.

    @kratosnomercy Which interior is too bright for you? Show pics and location. You have to edit exposure settings in timecycle_mods_1.xml to decrease the brightness of each interior. It's too complicated for the average user. If there is an interior that's overly bright then please report it and I'll try to fix it in a future update.

    25. november 2018
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    @Vlad94 You can disable it yourself in the timecycle files. Look for <postfx_vignetting_intensity> in each timecycle weather file and change all the values to 0.0000 under URBAN and GLOBAL sections of each file.

    @viaz Try using Simple Trainer to switch weathers. Also do you mean timecyclemods.asi or timecycle.asi? I have no idea what the latter file is. Try updating ScripthookV and ScripthookVDotNet though. Download links to both are inside the NVR readme file.

    @DxrkestNet MXAO is disabled by default because it's buggy with vehicles and other stuff.

    @Grotor46 Don't leave me a rating if you can't get the mod to work on your end. Try on a clean install of GTAV.

    @prince_linus Unfortunately not. It was necessary in order to create the sunrise and sunset in Sunny / Cloudy weathers.

    25. november 2018
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    @BmW13294 @RaefZa Try using 7zip to extract it.

    @Trexx Make sure you installed it to the mods folder. Try reinstalling the add-on.

    @RJ-7 mb300sl

    @A-12T99 It's a neat idea.

    25. november 2018
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    @Isaac Duane See above link for PC specs. If you get 38-60 with vanilla then what do you get with NVR? Also what OS do you use? I know that Windows 10 fixed my GTAV stuttering when I upgraded from Windows 7.

    @Excillex I'll look into this. Do you have the "Weapon Overhaul Pack" optional add-on installed or does this happen without that too?

    @Valderin Take a look at the following screenshot:

    Are you able to make out all the details in the background on your monitor? Excluding the dark parts of the buildings.

    @ExcessiveGBH That's really odd. Do you use replacement vehicles or add-on vehicles? Is the FPS dipping to 43 during a specific weather or time of day or is it during all hours / weathers? Have you tried closing all unnecessary background programs? You have a better rig than me. I don't even dip to 43 unless I use the Ultra ENB / ReShade and play at 4k or 5k.

    25. november 2018
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    @shifuguru Have you tried changing the window tint color through Simple Trainer?

    16. november 2018
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    @shifuguru I have nothing installed except for VisualV, NVR (with ReShade / ENB and some of the optional add-ons) and some vehicle / weapon mods. Many users have been able to replicate my screenshots just fine. You can check out the screenshots channel on the discord server to see for yourself.

    As for your issue with the green tint... does this happen to a specific vehicle or all vehicles? Are they vanilla or modded? Would be helpful if you attach an image.

    15. november 2018
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    @kingjermy I'm not sure why you have that issue.

    @Valderin Something is seriously wrong with your game or your monitors color profile. I would recommend re-installing the mod using the OIV package. If you still have the issue then try a clean install of GTAV.

    15. november 2018
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    @DxrkestNet Use Simple Trainer to change weathers. Clouds should spawn fine.

    @Billem @Valderin Show me a picture of how night time looks for you. Make sure your in-game display brightness is increased.

    @Jordiepw Try using 7zip to extract it.

    @SaintKiller135 That's the only dlcpack that modifies vehicle textures. Maybe a different mod is causing the texture issue for you.

    @a63nt-5m1th It doesn't make a difference if I correct the typo but I appreciate you pointing that out nonetheless.

    15. november 2018