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    @Tinmar Thnx Dude <3 i figured out later that i must update my gta 5..but then i found "manyoo" and it was really helpful cuz i didnt want to update!
    ..But Thnx anyway mate! at least u tryed to help..and this make me happy :D unlike @Dyc3 -_-

    20. november 2017
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    i hv 2 questions, & plz answer...cuz i loved this car!!
    1- is those liveries come with the download file, or i must download this livery pack ( if i must do, plz give me the download link! ).
    2- when i go to LS customer, then want to add "Spoiler", all the "spoilers" come invisible! ( is this a glitch? and how to fix! )
    ~Plzz answer as fast as u can~

    31. august 2017