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    This screwed up my game...Instantly got a crash about ran out of memory the moment I start up the game...Now I don't understand that error anyway, because how can the game ran out of memory if I have 64 GB RAM and a 8 GB 2-7- Nvidia videocard ???

    6. november 2023
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    @nomakewan Ok thanks, by the way, dows this mod also work with other scripted mods like the Knight Rider mod ?

    1. november 2023
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    Hello and thanks for a great mod. I have a question about installing everything...In the mod-page I noticed all kind of programs that are required to play this mod. But I also noticed that when I installed the mod via the tutorial on youtube that some of these requirements are installed with the setup.

    So wich requirements should I also install in the game and in what order ?

    Script Hook V (latest version)
    Community Script Hook V .NET 3.5.1
    LemonUI 1.8 for SHVDN3
    Limitless Gameconfig (only if you plan to install other add-on vehicles!)
    .NET Framework 4.8

    Must that be done manual or do these also come with the installer ?

    27. oktober 2023
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    This is a very real lookin face ! Could this also be used as a replacement for Micheal ? I would love to see Toretto for Trevor, Walker for Micheal and Tesj or Han for Franklin...That would make the game complete for me ;)

    4. april 2021