Back to the Future V 2.2.4



Wait a minute, wait a minute, Doc, are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?
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  • FIX: Clocktower mission not working with the new Tuner's DLC.
  • FIX: Vertex Paint Bug in the Interior

  • FIX: wheel bug with the new Tuner's DLC
  • FIX: story mode missions not working
  • FIX: the texture bug on the Overhead console
  • FIX: RR DeLorean not working with the Tuner's DLC

  • FIX: FPS drop issue near construction site and wayback replay of lightning run.

  • NEW: Real time mode. 1 minute in game is equal to real 1 minute. Can be enabled in settings. DO NOT USE trainers real time mode with this mod.
  • NEW: Lightning run. A bolt of lightning is gonna strike a pole on Nov. 12, 1955 10:04 PM near the construction site in Paleto Boulevard. Try catch it and go back to the future! (Real time mode must be enabled)
  • NEW: Now also seconds can be set for alarm time in bulova clock (helps with lightning run).
  • NEW: Forced weather condition in relevant in-movies dates.
  • FIX: Various bugs fixed (mostly about garage and wayback).

2.1.1 (DOWNLOAD FROM HERE. Extract files in scripts folder.)
  • Fixed script crash after player dies
  • Fixed time machine menu still opening after delete of all time machines

  • Fixed duplicate time machine spawn at reentry with wayback enabled
  • Wayback records vehicle being transformed in a time machine
  • Restricted repair flying circuits in dates with year >= 2015
  • Added null check for refueling ped
  • Fixed randomly TCD appearing in non-dmc12 time machines
  • Fixed HUD not loading after switching time machines
  • Fixed glowing vents props not despawning if player is out of the car

  • Wayback system (see your past self actions)
  • Time machine's garage
  • More time traveling effects (flux capacitor glowing, more sparks)
  • Lightning strike effects
  • Transform any vehicle in a time machine
  • More real-life effects (turbulence while flying, etc..)
  • New HUD for remote controlled time machine
  • Working SID and Bulova clock (alarm can be set too) inside BTTF DeLorean
  • External HUD can be used (a second game window will open)
  • HUD on Android device (app will be released on Play Store soon)
  • DeLorean DMC-12 model improvements
  • Bug fixes and general code improvements

  • Initial release

  • Main menu: CTRL + F8
  • Interaction Menu: Character wheel + Handbrake (default: left ALT + space / DPad down + RB)
  • Time Circuits: NumPad +
  • Input Mode: NumPad /
  • Confirm Date: NumPad Enter
  • Toggle Cinematic / Instant mode: NumPad *
  • Hover boost: Handbrake (default: space / RB)
  • Altitude control: G
  • VTOL: Aim + throttle/brake (default: RMB + W-S / LB + LT-RT)
  • Refuel, Hook, Hoodbox: Context (default: E / DPad right)
  • Forced Handbrake (RC): Handbrake + Duck (default: space + a / RB + A)
  • Toggle Hover mode: Hold X-H / A

Main Features:
DeLorean DMC-12 model:
  • Brand new best looking DeLorean models made specially for this mod
  • Exterior / Interior / Engine / Suspension / Chassis / 5 Lods
  • Base BTTF Kit
  • Mr. Fusion / Plutonium Reactor
  • 55' / RR Wheels
  • GoodYear NCT60 / GoodYear Eagle GT Tires
  • Hoodbox
  • All the BTTF models are based on A-Hero car and professionally modeled and textured

Time Travel:
  • Cutscene/instant time travel mode
  • TCD glitch system if time machine is damaged
  • Time machine can be forced to time travel if it is being hit by a lightning (while flying or driving with hook into a thunderstorm)

Animated Interior:
  • Time Circuits display
  • Flux Capacitor
  • Speedometer (both analog and digital)
  • TFC handle and lights
  • Plutonium gauges
  • Compass
  • Bulova clock (alarm can be set)
  • SID (Status indicator display)

Animated Exterior:
  • Hover transition
  • Refuel
  • Suspension

  • Stereo 3D sounds with pausing / muting system
  • Most of sounds ripped and edited from blu-ray version of movies
  • Real BTTF DeLorean engine sounds aka LandSpeeder sounds handled by script

  • Custom made effects for time travel
  • Turbulence while flying into bad weather
  • Blinking headlights while trying to restart a dead DeLorean time machine with nuclear reactor
  • Lightning strike

Transform any vehicle into a Time Machine:
  • Any vehicle (can be a car, bike, boat, motorcycle, plane, etc... ) can be converted to a fully working Time Machine
  • Wormhole type can be changed
  • Hover mode can be activated if model has certain requirements and custom handling data has been added to it (will be explained better)
  • Also can be equipped with '55 and railroad wheels type (result may vary, certain vehicle models don't accept tuning wheels)
  • There is no need for refueling after a time travel, there is only a 30secs cooldown

Remote controlling:
  • Any time machine can be remote controlled
  • There is a max distance signal range
  • First person camera can be activated

Wayback system:
  • A "see your past self" system
  • Records players actions and replays them while visiting the same time
  • Highly experimental

Persistence system:
  • Every time machine status (location, properties, vehicle info, etc... ) is saved and restored at game restart/script reload
  • Works for both DeLorean and other-type time machines

Build custom DeLorean time machine:
  • You can customize any DeLorean time machine with the BTTF parts (e.g. BTTF3 with Plutonium Chamber, Hook and Hover System, etc... )

Drive on rail tracks:
  • Any time machine that is equipped with railroad wheels can be driven on rail tracks
  • It is possible to time travel on rail tracks... just be aware for a possible incoming train at reentry...

Time machine's garage:
  • Michael's, Trevor's and Franklin's garages can be used to transform any vehicle into a time machine
  • Repair broken time, flying circuits and faulty engine
  • Install hover conversion and Mr. Fusion
  • Customize other time machine's elements

  • Artist: ranstar74 | killso | RetroGamer | Adrien | Turn 10 Studios
  • Programmer: AHK1221 | MrFusion92
  • Tester: Nickumto255 | hugoraider | SBTx14 | MatchstickMan | Evonia | GTArajgaming | Dwurban | Mr Boom Snook | Victor
  • Audio: BTTFV Team | BTTF Hill Valley Team
  • Translations: our wholesome Discord community, join them!
  • Special thanks to SonicJoshua24 | 5dmc1 | dmc4708 | Carlos85G | Manghen
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