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    @tonikelope Those are actually scaleform animations, which are not supported in Rockstar Editor. Known issue with no workaround, sorry. Just gotta get really creative with camera angles (or augment your recordings with video editing in post-production).

    21. november 2023
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    @Driver Kaldie We do not recommend using BTTFV with other mods for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that we don't have enough time to test BTTFV against every single of the tens of thousands of mods that exist for GTAV. You mod your game at your own risk.

    5. november 2023
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    @Driver Kaldie If you used the BTTFV Setup program that we recommend, you don't need to manually install anything. It does everything for you.

    @Angeldeath That is not "our" video, that video was created by a fan. It is all video editing and is not real. There are no map changes in the mod.

    30. oktober 2023
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    @zuckleyplays The train is a Patreon exclusive; but it's also incredibly outdated (it was last updated October 2021) and not recommended. If you still want to pay $5 for a glorified cutscene that isn't even compatible with BTTFV 2.3.0+ then to each their own, but I just don't see the point.

    As for the alarm clock, think about it. Of course you don't set it for 10:04 because the DeLorean doesn't teleport from the starting line to the wire. You need to set it for 10:04:00 minus the amount of time it takes for the DeLorean to travel from your starting line to the lightposts. How much time that is depends on you; do a test run and time yourself, for example using the stopwatch on your smartphone.

    Good luck!

    27. oktober 2023
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    @Mortisdecmort If by "in the video" you mean the guy who made that series of story-mode-like videos using our mod, that's all video editing. They aren't real. There's no objectives, there's no map changes, all of that was the hard work of that YouTuber.

    8. oktober 2023
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    @Mortisdecmort Exact same way you do it in the films. Type using your number keys. MMDDYYYYHHMM (YYYY is four-digit year, MM is two-digit month, DD is two-digit day, HH is two-digit hour from 0 to 23, MM is two-digit minutes). Then press the enter key.

    7. oktober 2023
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    @chakotay24 All of them except the XNA Framework, which is only necessary for BTTFV 2.2.4 and earlier versions.

    28. september 2023
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    @yussuf1020 Never seen that before. Sounds like it might be a conflict with another mod? If you wouldn't mind joining our Discord and posting in the #support channel that would be greatly appreciated.

    21. september 2023
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    @WileE1 This is because you have Enhanced Native Trainer. Remove it and use Menyoo or Simple Trainer or literally any trainer that isn't ENT.

    18. september 2023
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    @gtavjamal The server admin has changed the server settings. It should (hopefully) no longer require phone authentication. Gotta admit though, kinda hilarious that you're playing GTAV and posting on 5mods but are averse to owning or using cell phones, lmao.

    8. september 2023