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Enhance the immersion of your gameplay as this mod triggers car alarms when explosions happen nearby. Windows of cars shatter when explosions occur in close proximity. Additionally, gunshots will activate alarms unless a silencer is equipped. Immerse yourself in a more dynamic and realistic game world with this mod, adding an extra layer of intensity to your GTA V experience.

  • Explosions will set off car's alarms in area (only parked cars that have alarms installed are affected)
  • Gun shots in close range of the car set off it's alarm, unless a silencer is equipped
  • Launching rockets (RPG, Homing Launcher) in close range of the car sets off it's alarm
  • Windows of cars that are close to the explosion will be shattered

    Please do not hesitate to comment if you have any features you would like to be added.

  • 1.0

  • 1.1
    -Alarms will stop after a random amount of time for each car (they stopped simultaneously before)
    -Delay between the explosion and the alarm starting slightly reduced to be more realistic

  • 2.0
    -Rewrote the script, radius is calculated from epicenter of explosion now instead of players position
    -Windows of cars that are close to the explosion will be shattered
    -Added ability to tweak radius via .ini

  • 2.1
    -Alarms can be triggered by gun shots now (unless the weapon is silenced)
    -Alarms can be triggered by RPG and Homing Launcher rocket launch (if standing close)
    -Increased amount of cars that don't have alarms to make it more realistic
    -Decreased maximum alarm time (from 30 to 20 seconds)
    -Decreased minimum alarm time (from 10 to 0 seconds)
    -Minor bug fixes

  • ASI Loader
  • Script Hook V
  • Community Script Hook V .NET 3.5.1

  • Extract files in to the scripts folder

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