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I really wanted some HD raindrops on my vehicles, but I was tired of seeing high resolution raindrop texture mods with obvious tiling issues in game, so I decided to make my own textures. This mod is intended to be used with uPrizZ's plugin, Rain Effects.

Includes an 8k, 4k, and 2k version to accommodate most PC set ups.

=== Requirements ===
- OpenIV
- ScriptHookV
- ScriptHookV.NET
- Rain Effects

=== Install Instructions by UprizZ ===

===OIV Install Instructions===

=== NOTE: Mod folder method ===
It is strongly recommended to use the mod folder method. To enable it, do the following:

1. Open OpenIV with administrator rights
2. Click on "Tools" (on top of the window)
3. Click on "ASI manager"
4. Install OpenIV.asi

=== Installation instructions ===
OIV Installer: Double click on the .oiv archive and follow the on screen instructions
-> If you cannot open the .oiv file, right click on it, go to "Open with...->Select OpenIV"
(make sure to check "Use this as default")
-> Sometimes it will simply open OpenIV without the package manager. Then you need to
manually open it by clicking on "Tools->Package Installer"

=== Manual Installation Instructions ===
1. Move the scripts\raindrops folder from this archive to your GTA's scripts folder
4. Copy x64e.rpf from your GTA5 main directory to your mods folder*
5. Open the copied rpf archive using OpenIV & enable edit mode
6. Navigate to "x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf"
7. Replace the vehshare.ytd with the one found in this archive

*if it does not exists you have to enable the mods folder method by opening OpenIV, then going to
Tools -> ASI manager and install OpenIV.asi

=== If you already modified your vehshare.ytf file ===
- Open the downloaded vehshare.ytd with OpenIV
- Extract the following textures:
-> vehicle_generic_glassdirt.png
-> vehicle_generic_tyrewall_dirt.png
-> vehicle_genericmud_car.png
- Open the vehshare.ytd file within your x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf
archive with OpenIV
- Replace the three textures with the ones you just extracted

=== Uninstall ===
If you want to uninstall this mod you simply need to remove x64e.rpf from the mod folder,
and remove the raindrops folder from the scripts folder
(so there is no backup needed unless you already have a customized x64e.rpf).
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