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This mod aims to enhance both NPC and animal behaviour and relations in the game by making it more realistic, varied and spontaneous. The main goal has been to make all NPCs behave less aggressive towards the player as well as adding correct relationships between gangs by basing it on all gangs true affiliations and enemies according to GtaWiki. This modifications goes further though, by improving relations between NPCs, animals, police, gangs, civilians, and gaurds in a variety of ways.


• Civilians will be more friendly towards the player.

• Civilians will be less afraid of the player (In vanilla, civilians could become scared if you dwelled around).

• The police will be more friendly towards the player.

• All domestics animals (hens, cows, cats dogs) no longer hate the player. (In vanilla they were set to hate the player and like everyone other NPC).

• Cats are afraid of dogs and dogs are neutral to cats.

• Cougars are hostile to other wildlife (except for other cougars).

• Cougars are hostile towards all domestic animals.

• All NPCs are hostile to cougars.

• Sharks are hostile to all NPCs. (in vanilla sharks were only hostile to the player but tame to other NPCs).

• Security Gaurds will not tolerate other NPCs to enter restricted areas with exception for firefighters, cops, medics, the army, and private military. In vanilla gaurds would only intervene if the player entered restricted areas.

• Gaurd dogs may become hostile towards other NPCs. (In vanilla gaurd dogs only attacked player.)

• The relationship between all gangs are enhanced to mimic their true relationship based on information on GTAWIKI and ingame events. For example, rednecks are friendly to Triads and Ballas because they are affiliated. Because The Lost tried (and are trying) to gain power over the drug trade in Senora Desert Rednecks don’t like them (or those who are left after Trevors rampage). Open war among gangs may break out on the street.
If you want to know more about GTA V gang relations, visit:

• The players relationship with gangs has been enhanced. In summary, all gangs are less aggressive towards the player meaning they are less likely to attack or offend the player for no reason. It is now possible to roam around neighborhoods on foot or by car without any interference from local gangs. But do not be fooled; certain areas are safer than others. For example, in the Families respect you because your alliance with them (because both Michael and Trevor are friends of Franklin) and they wont open fire on you even if you fire first.) But in Ballas turf, gangs will not treat you as kindly, while other gangs are more neutral to you. If you stay stationary in a vehicle or drive around at the same spot you may also raise suspicion (depending on in which turf you are in).

• The police does not have identical relationship towards all gangs. For example, Rancho is known for its high gang activity and crime rate, therefore police will be much less tolerant against those who cause this.

• Gangs does not have identical relation towards civilians, police, and gaurds. The Lost, for example, is known for their rebellious behavior and their violent codes (’’the Almighty forgives, the lost don't’’) and will therefore not accept peds that do them what they consider as injustice.


• Civilians can attack each others

• Cops hate drugdealers

• Cops relation with raobbers changed

• Cops relation with hookers changed

• Family gang no longer take kindly to drug dealers

• Mexicans no longer take kindly to cops patrolling their neighboorhood


This mod changes behaviour between NPC and animals in the game. If you’re using other mods that changes the amount of civilians and/or animals in the world it may make shootouts, car chases, and such either more or less common in the world depending on what other mods you have installed.

Before you install this mod ensure you have OPEN IV installed and that you have backed up the files that are about to be replaced – always back up your files. Pay attention that the game automatically update your game files once you log in to Social Club. This may cause modifications to be reset and therefore they will not function. Create a separate mod folder to get around this problem.

1. Replace the file ''relationships.dat'' in GTAV/common.rpf/data 2. Replace the file ''agitatedtriggers.meta'' in GTAV/common.rpf/data/ai

2. Replace the file ''agitatedtriggers.meta'' in GTAV/common.rpf/data/ai
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