Better Advanced Meta 0.3


This mod aims to improve and tweak the various meta/data files within GTA for a more realistic, less insane game environment. Currently, this mod alters/changes the following:

- Completely removes ambient police pursuits.
- Tones down other built-in ambient crime events.
- Fixes many incorrect AI Handling settings - now sports/super cars will be driven as such, while junky cars are more likely to be driven slow.
- Increases vehicle damage multipliers for more realistic crashes. PIT's are much more likely to be successful, but also more dangerous without a good ram bar.
- Reduced vehicle drag across the board, allowing vehicles to reach higher top speeds. Additional tweaking to actual top speeds / drive force will come in future updates.
- Reduced brake efficiency across the board to give cars a more realistic feel. This results in more lively traffic in a number of ways, from minor (and major) fender benders to an increase in red-light runners.
- Improve AI driving profiles to account for nerfed brakes. AI drivers should now brake earlier instead of waiting for the last minute.
- Reduced the time of all traffic light phases, meaning traffic lights should take much less time to cycle through each direction of travel.
- Removed the randomly-applied "can turn right on red" flag from all intersections, so traffic should consistently wait at red lights. (an optional file exists to always allow this, for those that like this feature)
- Fixed several intersections with broken settings (eg, the left-most lane on Great Ocean Highway coming into Paleto Bay - traffic now turns left from here instead of continuing straight).
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