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A new GTA brings more pedestrians than you have ever seen! More stationary peds, WAY more peds walking the pavements, and you will see MANY peds in places you would NEVER ordinarily find them. This mod also increases the volume of vehicular traffic, but does it smartly.

The ambiance will better reflect real-life as well. You will NO more hear full-on conversations from clear across the street OR while driving your vehicle, NO more random blood-curdling screams for seemingly NO reason, and NO more bloody "What's up my dude" will you EVER hear again, LOL. Only will you hear people when within REASONABLE distances!

Also adds various other changes to ped behaviors such as their ability to withstand beatdowns better when in mele combats, adds the ability for WAY more peds to fight at once during combat scenarios, adds rival gangs to all hoods. Nice neighborhoods will be tame, while places like Strawberry, Chamberlain, Rancho, Davis, La Mesa, etc will be VERY violent.

You will see a good more police patrolling the hoods as well. Crimes will be committed at far greater heights than ever before.

The gameconfig is specially tailored. It uses Dilapidated's gameconfig as a base, but with my own fine tuning and adjustments to support my own mod, and allows for MANY ymaps and add-on vehicles, all while remaining stable.

You use Betavegroups? So to do I. Use Forests of San Andreas? So to do I! Also use several others.

It is HIGHLY recommened that you use this with MP maps enabled, as my mod adds peds to the MP yacht. Without it, you will see peds suddenly fall into the ocean when nearing that location in Del Perro beach, LOL.

Requirements: A GOOD PC. No potatoes will run this mod! My Specs are i-7 4790K, nVidia GTX1070, and 8 Gb of system DDR3 memory.

You will need two particular ymaps, or you will have falling peds where these peds are placed. Download link provided below -

Choose from the folder named ymaps, and then from the folder named "without peds"

Then you will also need this -


I named each folder, holding it's contents, with the exact path to follow in OpenIV, to drag-and-drop the contents to.

You will also need to edit visualsettings.dat with the following -

# Lod distances for vehicles
car.lod.distance.high 80.00
car.lod.distance.low 360.00

# Lod distances for peds
ped.lod.distance.high 100.00
ped.lod.distance.medium 200.00
ped.lod.distance.low 320.00
pedincar.lod.distance.high 28.00
pedincar.lod.distance.high.x64 60.00

Changelog 1.1

Updated mod to include a a decreased frequency in the occurrence of crimes. Was every 1 to 10 seconds, now would be every 20 to 40 seconds.

Changelog 1.2

Adding more to immersion. Hate those stupid glowing pickups? I did too, but now they are a thing of the past. This update removes glowing weapons. For money, you will want to install this script here -

Changelog 1.3

Delivers more IRL-like ambience, quiets even more of them damn random blood-curdling screams for seemingly NO reasons. Blood-curdling screams will ONLY happen when you fire into a sea of peds, mow down peds with your vehicle, or when explosions occur. Hated how peds can call the police merely for hearing a gunshot 30 meters away? So too did I. That's why peds almost literally have to see crimes before calling the police.

Also peds have been added to the Arcadia business plaza downtown near Pillbox Hill, the park in Mirror Park, AND El Cafe Rojo De Madera in Alta.

Changelog 1.4

Fixes a major bug were peds in Pillbox Hill were not showing up and peds falling through the overpass connecting with Alta. Adds peds to Little Seoul park, to the courtyards for Maze Bank, FIB, and IAAA in Pillbox Hill.

Changelog 1.5

Made it so random events occur closer to the player. Modified relationships so that some wild animals do NOT run away, more dangerous animals will attack the player still. Quieted the peds even more to the point of being surreal, far resembling real-life than ever before!

Also adds two optional gameconfigs, one to support a slight reduction in vehicular traffic densities, and the other will support the ped population as is, but return vehicular traffic to vanilla, for those who have PCs that can't handle the load.

Changelog 1.6

This update improves stability, reducing sporadic crashes occurring from improper settings. Adds more realism to ambient behaviors, and adds more peds to the University in Ulsa, and much more peds to the Beverly Hills Mansion directly across from the University in Ulsa.

Changelog 1.7

Adds support for Casino DLC.

Changelog 1.8

Updated scenarios.meta to be compatible with After Hours DLC, as I forgot that I am still on Super Sport DLC. Not sure if this is even relevant since you can't play with mods anyhow. Just playing it safe.

Also, if you are experiencing any issues with stability, you can safely resort the visualsettings.dat LOD settings to default values,as shown below -

# Lod distances for vehicles
car.lod.distance.high 40.00
car.lod.distance.low 180.00

# Lod distances for peds
ped.lod.distance.high 25.00
ped.lod.distance.medium 50.00
ped.lod.distance.low 80.00
pedincar.lod.distance.high 7.00
pedincar.lod.distance.high.x64 15.00

Note: If you use a lot of ymaps, and/or also enable MP maps, and are experiencing slow-loading of models and texture assets, in the gameconfig change these values to what you see below -

PhysicalStreamingBuffer value="1260"
VirtualStreamingBuffer value="5000"

Recommended mods to use with this:


DexyFex for CodeWalker
Jevi for countless advice on things, and testing
Dilapidated for his new advances and research for his own gameconfig
RacermanXtreme for his Sandy Shore Redux map, which is SO good!
Zoidberg for his VineWood Villa map
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