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Personally, I am a huge fan of night-time city driving, so I decided to add more lights to GTA 5 to create a slightly more immersive night-time driving experience.

This mod adds 2400+ strategically placed lights all around the map consisting not only of street lights, but also hundreds of 'detail' lights on various buildings and houses.

There are two general types of street lights; LED and HPS (high pressure sodium). For this project, I use LED more often than HPS (the orange looking ones).

For one, they look better (possibly subjective), but also in reality, many cities around the US have undergone lighting upgrades to LED. This is because LED lights, with a color temperature of
3500-4200 K, offer more accurate color reproduction, thus increasing driving visibility, and also because LED significantly outperforms HPS lighting in terms of energy efficiency.

Added lighting areas include:
- Streets, rural roads and highways
- Buildings, parking lots, skate parks, paths, and alleyways
- Six different gas stations
- LS Airport pick-up/drop-off entrances
- Richman golf course
- Richman Hotel
- Marina
- Michael's house
- Franklin's house (and neighbors)
- 'Island' community off Palomino Ave.
- Mirror park
- Maze Bank Arena outer surrounding parking lots
- Sisyphus Theater
- Vinewood Bowl
- Mission Row police station
- Premium Deluxe Motorsport...

Map of all locations found here

---> Video preview

Version 1.0 (Number of objects: 2509)
- Xml files converted to YMap add-on, courtesy of mapeditor to ymap converter by sollaholla.
- Added a lot more lighting.
- Added a 'lite' option with roughly 400 less lights than the full version.

Version 0.1 (Number of objects: 1260)
-Scrapped 0.0.3 map file and made a new one with better lighting, in better areas.
-Replaced much of the HPS (High-pressure sodium) lamps in 0.0.2 with LED lights
-Added another 600 or so lights total.
-The docks at the harbor in Vespucci are now lit up, and so boats parked there become illuminated
-Nearby parking lots and walkways around harbor also have more lighting
-Lights added all along the walkways/bridges around the man-made islands in Vespucci.
-Added lights to more gas stations around the city
-Upper level of airport is illuminated, but the lower part is not unfortunately, until next update.
-Check out Franklin's back yard..

Version 0.0.3 (Number of objects: 1100)
-Added a lot more lighting to Los Santos International Airport entrances and pickup/drop off area. (Still adding more)
-New lighting covering most of Vinewood hills and various other roads.
-More lighting "touch-ups" done on and around buildings, stores, and parking lots.
-Map is split into two files with about 550 objects in each file.

Version 0.0.2 (Number of objects: 457)
Very small update for now. Went over most of my previous lighting additions and did some fine tuning.
Added new LED lighting in Southeast Vinewood area by water power building.
*Version 0.0.1 (v1) is also included in case there are any issues with the new version.

Please refer to the detailed installation instructions included in the download.

Vehicle mods in screenshots:
Audi RS5 by RsMods
Audi S3 by RsMods
BMW M5 f10 by Alex9581 & p4elkin
Infiniti Q70 by cybkris
Jaguar F-pace by RsMods
Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 S CoupeMercedes Benz AMG C 63 S Coupe by [YCA]ANSWER

- some lights are destructible, and some are not. Hopefully that will be fixed with next update.
- No distant LOD's. Once there is a tool to automatically create a file and carry over the correct positional properties, I will update :)

Special thanks to:
sollaholla for his amazing ymap converter tool.
dexyfex for answering some questions and helping me out :)
Felix Bartling (reditec) for OIV package creator

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