Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R 2017 [Add-On / Replace] 2.0

Add an ultra detailed Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R 2017 in GTA V !(or replace the Feltzer)

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All ultra detailed instructions to install is in archive.
-For Add-on version
-For Replace version

-HQ exterior
-HQ interior
-HQ engine
-Working dials
-HQ mirror reflexion
-Lot of details
-Custom handling
-HQ textures
-Breackable glass

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-Full rework of interior material and texture to have a better render (edit bump and detail textures)

Original model from Forza Horizon 3
Convert to GTA V: Game68240

Graphic mod: PhotoVision ✯

[YCA Modder Group]
Først uploadet: 10. februar 2017
Sidst opdateret: 3 dage siden
Last Downloaded: 3 minutter siden

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133 Kommentarer

  • 7bbcdf 532b3a6973e8c

    Ooooo this is the best

    8 dage siden
  • Default

    И какой смысл от модели без тюнинга?

    7 dage siden
  • Default

    @Game68240 please bro, can you say when we will see new update?

    6 dage siden
  • Default

    If you guys want the AMG GT-R green use the "Bright Green" metallic with "Dew Yellow" pearlescent

    6 dage siden
  • 01113b fenex logo gta 5 mods
  • 24951c meme faces 07

    My favortite

    6 dage siden
  • Default

    @Game68240 Yesterday I tested your lexus police and it has the same problem with glass reflecting when view is in interior in fpp

    5 dage siden
  • Gtao49

    Good style! Respect!

    4 dage siden
  • B6022c sick avi cc

    i have mad a porn of this mod thanks bro!! nice MOD!! here the porn:

    3 dage siden
  • Default

    @Game68240 thx for update but... wheels offset is still wrong, rear wheels should be wider; still problem with glass reflecting from inside. I spotted also missing some parts on the dashboard in the very corners above vents (was in 1.0 version)

    3 dage siden
  • Default

    @Game68240 sorry man for complaining I want this mod to be perfect. See interior view I hope you fix wheels also

    3 dage siden
  • 9b5f53 y8h3gfe

    How hard was it to put amg gtr steering wheel on it :/

    3 dage siden
  • Default

    I mean in v1.0 these side corner parts was missing too - to be clear.
    I agree with @super_noob69

    3 dage siden
  • 5cab68 gt2

    @super_noob69 then do it yourself or stop complaining

    3 dage siden
  • Gtao44

    whit all the rips coming from FH3 a new era of high quality models is guarantee amazing i just only hope the gta 5 engine can support all this high poly cars..

    3 dage siden
  • Michael

    great work bro can you make Mercedes Benz AMG GT C roadter??

    3 dage siden
  • Default

    @Willief23 Lol. How we should do it when mod is locked, huh? @super_noob69 is right. Steering wheel is wrong. Hope @Game68240 will be not mad and will finally fix mentioned things in v3.0. Thanks in advance! Peace!

    3 dage siden
  • Default

    @Game68240 If you want to fix defroster grids on rear window (they show in game with white edges=flickering), in badges texture:
    1. Select these red lines and stroke them (inside method) with same red solid colour
    2. If background layer is totally white then make one more layer and select rectangle shape with colour as lines and draw it under lines space
    3. Merge background with this red rectangle
    4. Delete previous alpha channel
    5. Mark all badges things and save it as new alpha

    I was playing with it and figured this solution ;) I hope I helped bro

    2 dage siden
  • Gtao47

    very nice

    2 dage siden
  • Default

    Great work 10/10

    5 hours ago
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