Vapid Torrence SSO [ Add-On | Tuning | Liveries | LODs | Template ] 2.0.a


"For those not letting the work go in the after hours, the Torrence is the perfect pick. Stripped of all the goodies so useful in a jam, it’s still got the spirit of oppression in it. And even though there ain’t much oppressing to do on the parking lot of a 24/7 or your favourite whorehouse, let it be known – this car can take more abuse than a pro-circuit boxer or your missus. And it’s gonna keep rolling – no matter what"

A fanon take on a lore friendly up-market civilian model of the main Police Cruiser (Police3 or commonly referred to as the “Vapid Interceptor” by the community) in GTA V. Primarily based on the 2011-2014 Taurus SHO with some cues and inspiration from the 2008-2016 Ford FG Falcons in other areas. I noticed there wasn't a lot of major stuff that had been done with the vanilla Interceptor model in terms of non-police variants, so that’s basically how this mod came to exist.

- All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, shards, dirt mapping, proper LODs etc
- All new interior model with much more modern-day stylings!
- Modkit with multiple tuning parts and liveries to choose from!
- Custom audio soundbank
- Custom vehicle handling
- Standalone DLC package installation

Update 2.0.a fixes an issue with the rear indicator lights, as well as some minor tweaks to the vehicle's handling

Spawn Name: Vapid Torrence SSO (torrence)
Modkit ID: 825

Installation Instructions and a full detailed changelog are provided within the “Readme” files included, Please read through them carefully!


- Rockstar Games - Original Vehicle Textures

- TheSecretPower - Tuning Liveries

- AlexanderLB - HQ Vapid Torrence SSO Badges Sheet

- Vx5 Voltage - Texture Improvements and Enhancements

- Vx5 Voltage - UV Mapping/Template

- Rockstar Games - Original Police3 (Vapid Interceptor) Model

- Rockstar Games, Vx5 Voltage - Tuning/Modkit Parts

- Vx5 Voltage - Model Fixes and Overhaul

- Allen Kennedy - Torrence Redux Parts, Feedback and Assistance

- Vx5 Voltage - Vehicles.meta, Carcols.ymt, Dlctext, Handling.meta and Carvariations.meta

- Sealyx, UkeyS - Screenshots

- MyCrystals! - Description

If I have missed anyone in the credits, please let me know (with examples) and I will add them to the list ASAP!

You are FREE TO USE ANY ASSETS from this mod for your own projects. However, I must kindly ask that you PLEASE PROVIDE PROPER CREDIT to myself and the original authors listed in the above credits section should you wish to use anything from within this mod for uploads onto and any other modding website.

Furthermore, If anyone wishes to use assets from this mod FOR PROJECTS FUNDED VIA CROWDFUNDING PLATFORMS such as Patreon for example, you ARE ALLOWED to do so ONLY FOR EARLY ACCESS/BETAS THAT WILL BE PUBLICLY RELEASED FOR FREE, and that FULL CREDITS plus a link to this original mod or my 5-Mods profile page be provided wherever possible!

(Note that FAILURE TO PROVIDE proper credits when uploading your projects with assets from this mod, or using said assets to make profit from a crowdfunding exclusive release that won't be made available to the public, WILL RESULT IN DIRECT ACTION BEING TAKEN by myself and possibly other authors listed in the credits section of this mod!)

You are FREE TO ADD THIS MOD to your FiveM or RAGEmp server if you wish. However, DO NOT ASK ME FOR SUPPORT when it comes to getting the mod fully working with your server, as I do not play FiveM nor RAGEmp currently myself and I am not familiar with their overall file structure. In that same vein, DO NOT ASK ME FOR A FIVEM READY VERSION in the comments section, such requests will be ignored!

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