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    @Composure601 Hey, please contact me on discord:

    en dag siden
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    @pcon112 if you did it in the mods folder, it should work for the corresponding vehicle model.

    2 dage siden
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    @avivr, again, it's not about planes:

    The following vehicles are involved in warfare based on your choice of gameplay, spawn type, and settings:
    The aircraft carrier with ships.
    The enemy submarine with ships.
    Ships defenses: CIWS and RIM-116.
    Fighter jets and bombers.
    Attack helicopters.
    Tanks & APC.
    Boats and LCAC Hovercraft.
    Cargo planes. Cargo helicopters.
    Planes Refueling Tanker.

    You can choose gameplay as either one of the nine missions or arcade.
    200 plus models supported and autodetected: all controlled by NPC with their specific scenarios. You can select allies and enemy models in the menu. Create your war scenario on land, water, and air.
    Both player and NPC, planes take off, and landing, bombers drop bombs.
    You can spawn in a cargo plane or helicopter and drop in the vehicle from the cargo bay with a parachute or walk inside the cargo bay while the aircraft is on autopilot.
    NPC will eject with a parachute if about to be hit with the missile.
    Paratroopers will jump from a transport plane or helicopter and attack if you dwell.
    Radar shows missiles, tanks, boats, ships, helicopters, and planes.
    There are NPC who support the player and play against the other NPC.
    You can turn on the autopilot and land or go to waypoint and circle around.
    You can switch seats in the vehicle to any and shoot while autopilot or driver drives or flies you around.
    IR flares countermeasures on planes and helicopters divert and cause missiles to explode. NPC will shoot flares to protect against your missiles.
    Bomber mode with four different bomb types and three camera modes.
    Afterburners on jets, players, and NPC that correctly throttle.
    Fire extinguishing stops the engine while it operates and repairs it and the vehicle to 60 percent health.
    You can refuel the jet in flight.
    All weapons range increased
    Vehicles can sustain more damage.
    All vehicles have a parachute when dropped from the cargo aircraft.

    Carrier features:
    It has elevators, catapults, and deflector shields.
    It has a bay door, roll-up doors, garage doors.
    It has an anchor. You must raise the anchor to drive and drop to use elevators and spawn.
    You can drive a carrier. Ships will follow.
    Carrier and all ships have air defense.
    Fighter jets spawn in the cargo bay. The tractor tugs it into the elevator. The elevator goes up to the deck, and the pilot drives to the catapult and attaches the launch bar, the deflector shield goes up, the deck air workers give the go-ahead, the plane takes off using catapult with vapor and sound: all above for the player and NPC.
    You can spawn in a tank in the cargo bay, and it would drive to the elevator, get down the elevator and board the LCAC.

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    2 dage siden
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    @avivr You already made it evident that it's not kind of the gameplay that you like.

    Why did you come to comment here then?
    Because no one comments on your mods or is interested in them at all as they are boring?
    And you got bored of that?

    Or do you think telling me that you are bored of my mod makes me want to do something for you?

    2 dage siden
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    @avivr There is no single heist or crime mod amongst the most downloaded ones:

    I don't think you had a chance to play this mod or at least read what kind of gameplay it offers.
    There is a heist mission. You need to steal an enemy tank and deliver it with cargo aircraft to the aircraft carrier.
    You can play this mission in six different locations.
    You can tweak the number and type of enemies and boats/aircraft/tanks which will fight against you to make it casual or hardcore.

    And this is one small aspect of this mod. It has endless possibilities and types of gameplay offered.

    This mod is featured, and people download it more often than any other warfare mod here.
    A year from now, it will be the most downloaded warfare mod for GTA V.

    2 dage siden
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    @avivr, I'm confused with what you are trying to say here. Are you suggesting I should make mods that you would like? With respect, and no offense meant here, but I don't see why I should rely on your judgment. All the mods you uploaded in the last few days have fewer downloads than just these two mods we discussed here, and in the same timespan.

    3 dage siden
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    @Dsilv That's because Tu-22M3 and F-117a have only one weapon and no cannon.
    You can check weapon doors on your F-35A and add/update the JSON. As you can see in my video, it works for unmodified F-35B, so it might be that you have some modified one, then you'd have to change the JSON.

    3 dage siden