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    @Dilapidated can you fix my problem whaen i downloaded the gameconfig there is an infinite loading screen plz help

    1. oktober 2017
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    @GTS Devs after i downloaded the gameconfig It is still not working is there a problem with the game pls help

    29. september 2017
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    @GTS Devs Can you help me with the mod? I downloaded everything that is required for this mod , the latest versions of them and i also downloaded the mod but when i launch the game in the loading screen there is an error message saying ''Gta 5 has stopped working'' i think it's because of the space 1ng and the space2ng because when i delete them both my game starts working perfectly so can you help me with this mod. BTW this is an awesome mod that you guys made and i want to play with it but my game crashed.

    27. september 2017