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    @aydon14 Someone on discord reported this problem, he followed some tips from this video to fix the issue.
    if your problem persists contact me on discord, I will make you test a beta version if you want.

    14. maj 2023
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    @JoyLucien If f you use a gamepad, the fire button is RT (based on the xbox gamepad), you can use xbox360ce to emulate this gamepad is you have a generic gamepad. In drone menu (F10) in Weapons, you can assign 2 weapons when fireing, just select the desired weapons or explosions. As I said this mod is mainly made to be controlled with a real radio controller like other drone simulators, using a gamepad is quite uncontrollable so there won't be too much improvement in this direction.

    14. maj 2023
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    @JoyLucien Sorry but this mod is a real FPV drone simulator and not a simple game with a drone. It is intended for experienced drone pilots who want to improve their piloting skills, freestyle techniques or for beginners who want to learn how to fly with a real drone. It's not a simple mod or game that can be played with a keyboard, in fact even a gamepad is not recommended, a real drone radio controller is recommended or even essential. So indeed this mod is not recommended for everyone, thank you for reminding us.

    11. maj 2023
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    New Version 1.9.0 released :
    Important changes have been made in this version. The physics has been completely revised to be more punchy and to have settings based on realistic values (KV motors, props diameter/pitch, lipo cells count, real motor thrust curves, ...) Drone presets have been added like the dji avata/fpv, nazgul 6s, bando killer and others... You can create you own presets and share them as they are simple txt file (in scripts\Quadcopter\drone_presets).

    Here the changelog for this version :
    - new physics based on realistic setting values
    - add predefined drone presets
    - better handling drone collisions
    - Pressing 'G' now toggle start/stop flying drone
    - Pressing 'H' now stop flying drone and teleport player at drone pos.
    - add coins collector system (record path and replay it by following and collecting coins on path)
    - add a secondary weapon

    5. maj 2023
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    yes you never get bored on the huge map of GTA with all its activities. you can fly drone for hours. and bonus you improve your flying skills for irl ;)

    13. april 2023
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    For info I created I discord if you to talk about this simulator.

    12. april 2023
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    @TheDivineSage thanks bro. The radio was a good idea 😁

    12. april 2023
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    New version 1.8.0 released :

    - add a race system and the possibility to create your own race tracks (using the menyoo or map editor addons)
    - add 6 race tracks
    - change the default menu hotkeys to F10 (for compatibility with menyoo mod) (only affect new users or when after deleting quadcopter.json file)
    - better minimap orientation when flying drone and use new icons
    - add radio audio during flight (and ability to play your own music, see :
    - improved position and orientation of vehicles when launching urban rodeos to correctly place them in front of the player
    - redesign of the direct input system to use calibration and configurable smoothing input
    - add a manual stick calibration function as well as a self-calibration at startup
    - add a help text in the controller sub-menu to identify the axis index that is being moved for the sticks assignment
    - add propellers sounds during the rotations of the drone and at 0 throttle to simulate air mode

    8. april 2023
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    @dhonielakers if you use a gamepad disable the 'use directinput' option. Does GTA recognizes your gamepad ? (can you control the player or drive the cars) ? try to use the xbox360ce software if your gamepad is not complelty recognizes by GTA.

    30. marts 2023
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    @dhonielakers which controller do you use ? gamepad or drone radio ?

    30. marts 2023