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    Nevermind! Just had to disable direct input.

    10. juli 2023
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    One other problem! With the latest 1.9.1 version, every time I spawn I am falling through the ground with the controls stuck at max. I have other mods installed like simple trainer and Naturalvision Evolved. Don't think that makes a difference though as it works fine with 1.9.0 version. Screenshot for reference:

    6. juli 2023
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    Got it to work using the video. Thanks!

    14. maj 2023
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    Didn't see anybody else mention it so I decided to add this comment. After a load up in my game and press G, I am able to fly for around 10-15 minutes but then it seems like the mod crashes or something because my fps goes from 30 to around 3-5 fps. I checked my gpu temps so I don't think it is a hardware issue. I have the files installed correctly. I have the latest script hook v and script hook v dot net, and I checked all the log files. It only started happening recently. I uninstalled every other mod I had just to make sure. Don't know what the problem is. The only thing out of the ordinary that I saw is that there was nothing in the Quadcopter-Redux.log file.

    13. maj 2023