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    Well I am not sure what the issue was but this is now fully compatible with LSPDFR at this time lol it took me awhile due to my fault because it would not let me install with OpenIV because I am choosing to block updates and not update cause my internet sucks anyway and don't wanna spend countless time tyring to get all mods to work on new game version but anyway I just took my time and manually put the files in and it works great! Haven't driven around too far yet but noticed the vehicles in the Procopio Promenade go faster (fast enough to keep up with what it should be but not everyone speeding) very realistic awesome work on getting this updated to work with LSPDFR!

    4 dage siden
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    @Heni Using the no boundary limits and no waves with Enhanced Trainer definitely did the trick! I drove the entire duration of the map in a 2020 Camaro and it was amazing!! At least in this map all the buildings and signs and whatnot appear cause in GTA IV they would not lol now if only there was a way to connect the bridges on each side to the GTA world that would be amazing! I noticed the map is in the air so maybe that is not possible but either way awesome map and thank you for talking back and forth with me and helping me so I could test it out completely!!

    9 dage siden
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    Not sure what is going on but I cannot load into the game with RAGE or without RAGE just before loading in it crashes no error messages, I removed this and it loaded right in.. I used the addon version and copied everything properly not sure if the model is corrupt or something.

    26. november 2019
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    Hmm just tried this again after awhile and tried the flatten water and no waves in Enhanced Native Trainer and when I get to the bottom of the hill at the second straight stretch the engine stalls and the car won't drive at all like its in water and water seeps up onto the road again.. not sure if this is a boundary limit or what but hopefully you can still update this and fix it cause it would be an awesome map with traffic and the LSPDFR mod.

    24. november 2019
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    Is this not compatible with LSPDFR? It was running fine and then I put this mod in and it crashes when trying to load and so I am gonna try it without this mod and see if it loads again.

    23. november 2019
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    Is there a way you can make this compatible with Train Simulation Mod? I tried pressing Alt-F12 to get in the train and nothing happens, I did copy the trains into the Real Train Engineer J10 ini and I am able to enter those trains now but TSM seems to be more in depth so wondered if its possible to use that too.

    13. november 2019
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    The trains do spawn in and are moving but stop at Sandy Shores and the train would not move again until I got all the way to the back of the train... do you know what is causing that? Also how do you get in the train with J10 Railroad Engineer?

    12. november 2019
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    @Foxunitone I have been using Update Blocker so still on 1604.1 and haven't seen any trains either, props load in just fine but no trains so it must be an issue prior to the Casino update as well.

    11. november 2019
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    This is amazing!!! I have been looking for a Helicopter with a bucket in GTA and this is great... I love how when you drop water it realistically comes from the bucket too.. very cool.. now we just need a good wildfire mod or script! Too bad you can't convert the fire scripts from Fivem to SP!

    2. november 2019
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    I have the script in as well and restarted scripts but when I put the flatbed in it is in everything looks okay but then I can't load it, pressing X (duck) doesn't do anything and I looked at Scripthookvnet log and it showed flatbed script was loaded..?

    30. oktober 2019