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    5 STARS!!
    This map is insane!! Really good looking, specially with mods. Better than GRID series
    I've seen a lot of comments mentioning the collision.
    Unfortunatelly, Rockstar kills the mods in every patch they do, everytime the game update, mods get rekt. If you having problems with collisions, glitches, and all that crap, simply downgrade your game and it will work just fine.
    (I'm using 1.0.2372.2)

    14. maj 2022
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    @Artupaky01 Oh yeah, I did install iit manually (I'm using NVE core.ytd) so I openned it with texture toolkit app and changed the but all it did was remove the smoke (Almost transparent). I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or just being dumb, but in my case it is either too much smoke or no smoke at all :(

    3. maj 2022
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    I'm having some issues.
    When I install the mod, it messes with the interior of the vehicles. It doesn't load the textures.
    I did the right procedure, installing the OIV with edit mode off.
    What can it be?

    28. april 2022
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    The mod is almost perfect. I'm giving 4 stars because the muzzle and smoke effects are a lil bit exagerated. I barely can see anything when I'm shooting. (really nice fov btw)

    27. april 2022