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    Tested the update out
    Did a couple of missions and it saved just fine, only way left to go now is up
    Good work

    17. januar 2020
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    @adopcalipt Good to know, tell me if you need any more information that might help

    Also, don't rule out the possibility that this might be a problem on my end as well (like an incompatibility with another mod for example)

    3. januar 2020
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    As i am having the same problem as you are.
    (Not being able to save after doing any type of mission via the phones)
    Here are the solutions i found so far
    The only way to save without entering a loading screen (as it usually crashes my game) is going in director mode (autosaves, also sends your character back to his safehouse after you exit the game)
    The other method is loading a story mission via mission replay then failing it and exiting (lets you save normally after, but has a loading screen when reloading free roam mode)
    From what it looks like it seems the game gets stuck in "mission mode" forever after starting any one mission from this mod
    Still this one of the best mods for procedurally/randomly generated fun
    (my bad if i missed any spelling)

    1. januar 2020