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  • Cfc691 my meiker 1653482840740892

    1, The Empty map mod is required, if you want to totally clen up the GTA V map for your own map. Install it BEFORE doing any other RPF mdfifications, otherwise it may override something. There are currently no other solutions for GTA V map cleanup, so the answer is "yes".
    2, Yes, this ASI mod works fully good without any mission script, but the other files (included with the mod) are required for proper gameworld reset, even if no custom YOS script is installed. In this case, all YOS functionality is disabled, only the gameworld reset is performed.

    7. juni 2024
  • Cfc691 my meiker 1653482840740892

    It is certainly possible to disable the YSC scripts. This mod disables them from an user-updateable list.
    The disablement code is originally based on a mod named "GTAV Override" by Konijima, which is implemented the very first part of the file.

    28. marts 2024
  • Cfc691 my meiker 1653482840740892

    Well, it is certainly possible to put the player in freemode without using this mod.
    This mod is notthing to do with FiveM, actually. This mod is primarily made for script modders, who would want to make Total Conversion mods for GTA V, because, by default, it's not possible to do a TC mod for GTA V. Older games could be fully modded (mainly Russian modders done a few TC mods for them).

    25. marts 2024
  • Cfc691 my meiker 1653482840740892

    @gtaguy994206 Where is the fact that you can't walk. There should be no such thing, that you can't walk...
    What YOS script do you have? May it block the player somehow?
    What other mods do you have? May they block the player?

    18. februar 2024
  • Cfc691 my meiker 1653482840740892

    @Realz22 If the R* Editor is a YSC scripted feature, then it may be reenabled by removing it from the script kill list. Otherwise, no action needed.
    If you mean the Director Mode (which is available from normal gameplay), it's a YSC scripted feature.
    As long as the Interaction Menu ('M' by default) is not used for anything, compatibility can be made possible.

    30. januar 2024
  • Cfc691 my meiker 1653482840740892

    @Starfox1993 Yes. That is the point of this mod, to allow you to add your own maps. These maps can even be placed at the center now.

    22. januar 2024
  • Cfc691 my meiker 1653482840740892
    Pinned kommentar

    Updated to game version 1.0.2944.0

    I seem to have found and fixed all bugs (thanks @MoravianLion for finding the glow).
    Even the other leftover map content could be removed, and the Additional IPL Disabling is not needed.

    20. januar 2024
  • Cfc691 my meiker 1653482840740892

    @JIMX Not exactly a library; it basically aims to be a reimplementation of the GTA V scripting interface, by disabling all GTA 5 game scripts, and running actually moddable (quasi-standard) scripts on its own engine. May not be perfect, but for experienced scripters who would like to make Total Conversions (like the usual Russian GTA modders in the past), this is currently the best tool in existence... or at least the only one, which can save and reload the game session, without requiring custom solutions.

    31. oktober 2023
  • Cfc691 my meiker 1653482840740892

    Aug 21, 2023

    Mod version 2.0 is available.
    This includes a totally refurbished ASI plugin, which is not compatible with older vrsion.

    Help has been also rewritten in a more friendly tone, and script examples have also been uploaded to this site.

    Mod is now Open Source.

    21. august 2023
  • Cfc691 my meiker 1653482840740892

    @GTAV_WattyK Hi. Could you link me a source code with a FiveM API function signatures list? I need those function signatures, so I can write a proper code for execution in native environment (I need a lis of pure C function signatures, not C++ or C#). I'm only keen on working directly with the FiveM DLL exported functions, and not make a hard dependency on FiveM, using dynamic DLL import.
    And, anyway, is the "FiveM" the same as "", that is interactable by JavaScript? Honestly speaking, I'm not acquainted with FiveM...

    2. juli 2023