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  • 62672a 07   fropqtp

    Does this still work with FiveM? Trying it both serverside and clientside and it doesn't seem to wanna popup, but you can hear the menu sound.

    17. juli 2020
  • 62672a 07   fropqtp

    Pretty good, only thing I would do is move the "Ticket Info" text and such up and left so its fully on the door.

    Also did you reproduce everything yourself? Looks really accurate to the real tour busses, except for the palm trees, as they could be more detailed and spread out.

    12. august 2015
  • 62672a 07   fropqtp

    There should probably be another option to disable Channel 10 (drums), as those usually get messed up during MIDI conversion to normal notes.

    20. juni 2015
  • 62672a 07   fropqtp

    Probably the worst install instructions ever, considering the mod on this website isn't the full mod, that is hosed on the modders website, and does not specify any use of LUA, nor .NET in the install instructions. And the best part is I still couldnt get the mod to work after a half hour of doing every combination of file placement and ASI files. Best part is the modder has not commented once in the comments at all to help with problems, nice.

    3. juni 2015
  • 62672a 07   fropqtp

    @RockinTheStar_K No problem.

    1. juni 2015
  • 62672a 07   fropqtp

    Few problems I saw with your texture compared to the real one, First off the text for the characters need to have a slight drop shadow and need to be smaller (notice yours is touching Trevor's hair, the real one isn't). They definitely look stretched out, as Michael's head looks more like a box then a head, also, compare the amount of Franklin's right sleeve is showing in your texture compared to the real one, your cuts it off. Yours is also missing the right background scenery from all of them, each of the right ones show up within the loading screens that you can extract from the loading screens YTD file. Last off, add the Helvecta release date, rating and R* logo to the Trevor one. Thats about it for improvements.

    31. maj 2015
  • 62672a 07   fropqtp

    @RockinTheStar_K Try checking both the update.rpf for the YTD, as well as the normal rpf files, maybe there are high and low quality version of the texture (not sure if textures like posters have high and low versions). I recommend using the search function in OpenIV to go over all the RPF files with the file name, as GTA might be using the texture in another folder, and not where your placing the mod.

    27. maj 2015
  • 62672a 07   fropqtp

    @RockinTheStar_K Simply use the Texture Tool from , load the YTD file, and then import the DDS with the same name into the Texture Tool. Once thats done use OpenIV to import it into GTA V.

    @jery911 I'll probably upload KCAL, KCBS and FNC, KABC might take a day or so if I get it looking how I want, then the other affiliates will probably happen whenever.

    26. maj 2015
  • 62672a 07   fropqtp

    Just finished FOX News, KCAL and KCBS. Still working on all the other CA affiliates.

    25. maj 2015