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    this mod is pretty good. the only thing i can gripe on is the amount of blood splatter after shots. it can get somewhat ridiculous at some points lol.

    15. januar 2024
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    @HeySlickThatsMe Hey, really like the mod, but I have a problem. I recently installed a task_xxx_u file, my 15th of the type. I ran the game after installing this and it seems to have caused the freemode male model to just stop working. I try loading it in Menyoo, and Now there are only a few items per each clothing type, I cant change the heritage thing, and basically everything is gone lol.

    9. september 2023
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    This combined with More Gore causes NPCs to stay in a ragdoll state for eternity, and I don't know where the "config in optionals" is. Is this intended? Other than this problem I'm having, this mod's pretty cool

    3. september 2023
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    @lucasvinbr I must've read something wrong, as I did not actually have NativeUI.dll in the scripts folder. I went to do that, but when starting the game again, none of the buttons worked. The logs do say that it started a script "NativeUI.BigMessageThread" but there are also a dozen or so warnings saying it cannot resolve API version 2.11.2.

    14. juni 2022
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    What attachments are in the screenshots?

    13. juni 2022
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    Does it not work with ScriptHookV Dot Net 3.4.0? I have all requirements installed, including the latest NativeUI, but it does not work. I have checked the scripthookvdotnet.log file as was told to another user, and it tells me that I do not have NativeUI installed, which I do.

    12. juni 2022