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    @lone wolfs Lol, as I can see you're commenting on a lot of mods that they are so "shitty" to you, yet you don't have any file uploaded yourself. Go make something yourself then, if it's all so bad here. But oh, you can't

    en dag siden
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    Hi, as the creator of the original Las Venturas & San Fierro DLC, I really like this mod and I appreciate this! Thanks for this mod.

    Just a small thing that bothers me: You say in description "No performance hits, any performance hits are caused by the map not having any proper LODs".

    Well, I have to say, that is totally not true. My map doesn't need any LODs even for a non high-end gaming pc, because the models are straight from a 2004 game, untouched. All possible lag would be due to your mod having too many props at one place.
    My map doesn't need LODs because the models are already extremely low quality for a a GTA 5 game engine. Just so you know!

    Anyway, great work!

    7 dage siden
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    @marculu Hi, do you experience lag when it's night only, or also during daytime?

    17. maj 2020
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    @Coppa_Calypse Wow... Toxic... Sorry my french is very bad by the way, so I'll write it in English. But well, this project took me literally more than a year just to be called a 'connerie' by a random fool (sorry) who hasn't uploaded a single mod himself, probably doesn't know anything about it at all. Yes, I did actually try to replace the Maze Bank Arena, but I did not do it for the following reasons:

    It would cause gigantic collision problems and there still would be holes in the map which i needed to fix as well, which would have taken me another month, along with deleting all LOD models if you know what that is. Replacing such an important and huge building like the Maze Bank arena causes really a lot of problems, which I would need to fix with even more work. And, it would cause crashes and huge problems with some missions in GTA 5, such as 'Fame or Shame'.

    Can't people like you just be happy that a modder doing his hobby, uploads an ultra detailed model with interior and all, completely made from scratch? By a guy who got a 7 month 3D modeling course?

    17. maj 2020
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    Nice! Well done, I admit my own textures were too saturated, glad you fixed it very well. Thanks for giving credit. Just watch out when you reupload other modders their work and/or edit it, not every modder is okay with that. But no worries, I am. For me it doesn't matter as long as you give credit, which you did. All I'm saying is, maybe you better ask permission when you do such things. Again, I'm all okay with it and even happy to see this! Don't get me wrong! Happy modding!

    8. maj 2020
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    @sophie twilight Sorry, but rarely did I read something as stupid as what you wrote down here. If you actually opened your eyes and read the description, which does exist, you would know this is a mod expansion for the Liberty Rewind mod. If you don't know what that is, don't even bother downloading this.

    I even wrote it down in the description in capital letters. So calm down and thanks for the obviously idiotic rating, lol.

    27. april 2020
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    Sorry but Timo Werner plays for R€d Bull L€ipzig, not $alzburg :p

    20. april 2020
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    @ikt Haha, no problem, but yeah it was you, I checked the comments above :p
    Well if there are enough suggestions and people agreeing with you, I will consider scaling it back.
    For now at this moment I won't because I would have to redo all the trees I placed as well haha

    10. marts 2020
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    @ikt Hi! Thanks for mentioning, however, as I stated above, I scaled the map 107,5% of its original size because the first version (100%) felt too tiny.

    10. marts 2020
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    Obviously this is a nice weapon mod, but I am honestly very confused and amazed by thos Ancient Roman city in the screenshots... Who made that city, where did you find that? Or did you make it yourself? It seems like a giant well made map from what I can see in those screenshots, of course it needs some work on shaders and textures but it is very very impressive! I can't find any information on the internet on this map mod?

    1. marts 2020