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  • A3a650 avatar

    @Razielex That's great news. can't wait!

    9. juni 2018
  • A3a650 avatar

    Any plans on adding gamepad support? Nice work so far!

    8. juni 2018
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    Not sure what the mod offers already as I didn't had the time to try it out yet but I will write down my ideas I have so far:
    - Toggle function, I would prefer that over having to remove the script everytime I don't want to have the script activated
    - Invulnerably: You can slow it down by shooting it into the head for example or running it over but I would always get up and continue following you
    - Attacks - If it gets too close it would start hitting you

    Definitely a cool idea and I hope to see it grow in the future!

    21. maj 2018
  • A3a650 avatar

    Hey there, the last few versions I always have the problem that during night time and sunrise I get a weird pixelated effect in the sky:

    Any idea what the cause of this could be? I'm not using any graphics altering mods besides VisualV. All the settings are pretty much maxed out and I'm using a higher resolution then my screen is to safe up on AA. Thanks for the help!

    10. maj 2018