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    @harryrippa this is not a map. these are just spawned props that I transferred from other games/resources/etc.
    @AllyaM At the moment, I have crashes from the game when I try to add an yld file to the directory with men's clothes. I'm still looking for ways to solve this problem. When the problem is resolved, then yes, I plan to release a male version as well
    @kamranos I have never been interested in RP servers, so I do not have the knowledge to create content for them ( also i dont have interest to doing this). In any case, I never write any bullshit like “you can’t distribute my mod without my consent and blah blah blah,” so if someone wants to embed this clothing on the server, they can do it, but it will not me

    27. juni 2024
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    @ibmeto yes, as far as I remember, on this server all things are paid (perhaps there are also free ones, I haven’t been following such servers for a long time, since now I myself can make any item I need)

    21. juni 2024
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    @ibmeto here

    21. juni 2024
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    @Xavier1234567890 This is not a ped, this is a suit made for mp character model. I transfered this particular costume from the daz studio, it is not publicly available

    27. marts 2024
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    @iammistahwolf I sent you a file on discord

    25. januar 2024
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    Important information!!!
    These animations do not involve the weapon bone, causing the weapon to be positioned incorrectly (Initially I wanted to release these animations when I fixed everything, but I understand that this will not be soon). There’s no point in waiting for these problems to be fixed in the near future, because I already have too large a list of animations that I plan to transfer to the game, but I don’t have much free time

    21. december 2023
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    @iammistahwolf You can replace basic animations for these, but it will work crookedly, at least because of the different positions of standard animations and custom animations in space. Scripts are required to use animations in gameplay. I personally don’t do scripts myself. at this stage these are just animations that can be useful mainly for machinimators (for whom I am actually transferring these animations)
    Regarding the second question, I transfered model of shorts from some third-party model from the Internet (I can’t say exactly what model it was, because I just don’t remember it). If you really need a model of these shorts, I can send you one (it’s better to write to me on discord about this. nickname is the same as here)

    17. december 2023
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    @Rangoyaa нужно убрать из анимации корневое движение. если тебе нужно убрать непосредственно в игре, без использования 3д редакторов, то как вариант можно поэкспериментировать с флагами запуска анимации ( тут я тебе сейчас точно не подскажу, какой именно флаг убирает корневое движение, так как давно уже с флагами не работал).

    17. november 2023
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    @LENBRAPmodOff There are two ways how this can be done. The first way is to simply turn off the collision of the item. second way, use a special flag for animation (in menyoo it 512 or 1024 flag)

    20. september 2023
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    @Shotbyge3k most important thing is to set the right position. I do it through menyoo sequences. I set the teleport to a certain position, then I set face direction ( i do this for both ( or more) peds) and then correct teleport\face direction position if animations plays not corectly. but in general, you can write the appropriate script, where you can score the desired coordinates. for example, you can check how standard rockstar melee finisher animations are launched and repeat it

    22. marts 2023