ZChaos - Alternative Chaos Mod for GTA V


Tired of the old effects? Want to mix it up a bit? This fully customizable alternative chaos mod offers a fresh gameplay experience with 400 unique effects! Easy-to-use Twitch voting support included.
Just open the menu, configure the chaos settings to your liking, and get ready for a rollercoaster of different wild effects!

Tested and compatible with game version v2372, v2545 and v2699, requires ScriptHookV.
Compatibility with running other chaos mods simultaneously is not guaranteed, but the instability of that is part of the chaos.

A full list of effects, default lengths, short descriptions, and previews as well as their quirks can be found here.

Default controls:
F7 - open/close menu
Num5 - enter menu
Num0 - exit menu
Num2/8 - scroll
Num4/6 - adjust

Customizable parameters:
Cooldown time between effects (default: 30 seconds)
Position of active effect display
Color pattern of the cooldown timer bar
Length of individual effects
Whether each individual effect is enabled (whether it's in the random rotation)
Effect randomness behavior (random, Twitch voted or predictably synced up effects)
Toggle whether the timer runs during cutscenes

Customizable parameters for Twitch voting:
Light/dark mode for votes display
Proportional or majority voting (Proportional: The vote ratios are used to calculate the chance of the effect triggering, Majority: The highest voted effect always gets triggered)
Change the vote command (votes can be with either 1 2 3 4 or c1 c2 c3 c4 in chat)
Write the votes display into an HTML file for use with OBS Browser Source or a separate window for Window Capture
Mark Unpicked Effects (Off: Only the effect that voting picks is then marked to no longer appear for a while, On: All 4 effects in the voting display are marked to no longer appear for a while)

Note: This mod is incompatible with ZMenuV (ZMenuV already has Chaos bundled with it)

Forced Walk now hides when in a car
Tesla Mode now locks you inside your car
Added Least Voted Effect Wins effect
Added Cheat Code Voting effect
Votes can now be changed even after the initial vote has been casted
Added UI Scale option
Added help effect
Ignite All Peds now bypasses fireproof status
Ignite Player now bypasses fireproof status
Added Enable During Cutscenes toggle
Minor code optimizations
Partial support for v2699.16 (no full support ever, downgrade and stop asking)
Launch All Peds effect now warps peds out of vehicles
Added controller support to the Airbreak effect
Fixed Crossroads Mode displaying the hint text when not in a car
Swinging Doors now waits until you're in a car
Increased the default length of the Drunk Ragdoll effect from 20 to 30 seconds
Minor code optimizations
Increased the strength of Earthquake
JIMMY YOU LITTLE SHIT now waits until you're not on a mission
BLOOOOOM now also sets the time to noon
Increased the default length of the Spawn Dumptrucks effect from 60 to 120 seconds
Increased the default length of the San Andreas Car Camera effect from 60 to 120 seconds
San Andreas Car Camera now hides when not in a car
Remove One Tire now waits until you're in a car
Added Wide Weapons effect
Minor code optimizations
Increased the default length of the Pacifist effect from 30 to 60 seconds
Added a Synced Effects toggle to have predictable effects that are consistent across multiple PCs for "competition"
Minor code optimizations
Adjusted the Raining Cars effect
Juiced 2 DS now allows you to reverse
Need for Speed now shows the current speed above the get/stay above 100KM/H warning
Ragdoll on Damage now also warps you out of cars
Increased the default length of the One Bullet Mags effect from 30 to 60 seconds
Major improvements to the Tiny World, Tall World, Very Tall World and Where Am I effects
Crossroads Mode and Handbrake Hopping now hide when not in a car
Minor code optimizations
Fixed Mark Unpicked Effects resulting in way more repeated effects than intended
Minor code optimizations
Added Virtual Boy effect
Added Pink effect
Added Night Vision effect
Added Piss Filter effect
Added Negative effect
Added Creepypasta Mode effect
Blackout now sets the time to midnight
Adjusted height for Drive on Air
Fixed Need for Speed effect sometimes not exploding cars properly
Fixed tire popping related effects not working properly for some mission cars
TrackMania camera effects now hide when not in a car
Increased the default length of the Corpa effect from 30 to 60 seconds
Added Hyper Gravity Field to the unstable effect list
Minor code optimizations
Added ppHop effect
Added Hyper Gravity field effect
Added Random Game Speed effect
Minor code optimizations
Added built-in link to the full effect list
Made audio configuration more detailed and mandatory
Minor code optimizations
Added Randomize All Text effect
Minor code optimizations and stability improvements
Added option to make votes alternate between 1 2 3 4 and 5 6 7 8
Minor code optimizations
Greatly reduced filesize
Fixed Big Weapons effect making newly spawned weapons disappear
Minor code optimizations
Added Big Weapons effect
Added Tiny Weapons effect
Chaos now automatically gets disabled if it disconnects from Twitch
Minor code optimizations
Added Rainbow (Cycling) to Timer Bar colors
Added Audio menu to adjust the volume of effect SFX along with test samples to help find a good level
Minor stability improvements
Fixed compatibility with Rainbomizer
Fixed Prologue Phone effect on v2699
Fixed Randomize Phone effect on v2699
Added Wirtual Mode effect
Added QuantV Mode effect
Reduced the default length of the Buttsbot effect from 480 to 240 seconds
Added San Andreas Car Camera effect
Marked Prologue Phone and Randomize Phone as unstable effects, as they only work on v2545 and v2372
Fixed Invisible Cars effect not working properly
Fixed No Shadows effect not turning off properly
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