2015 Charger TEX 3 CHP AHP GSP FINAL


This is a texture made by me, I truly hope you like it as much as I liked making it for you.

There are special agents in our country assigned to different cases across the states, having a multi authority agent is a normal thing this is the car for all those special police officers. This mod is mainly for those who want an amazing dodge charger skin that screams authority.

Note-9.7.2015 .12.17 am- touched up a few spots

--------Updated so this is the final version --------

EXTRA INFO: This mod Blends California Highway Patrol( because the game is in CA) in addition i made it so that you are an FBI-FIB Associate working for the FIB in Los Santos and FBI of the states. The Georgia State and Alabama Highway Patrol were added to give the car State superiority and authority over these states (right to operate) so as long as you are within the three where this agent works you have authority. I am aware that it is a mix and I am aware of the FIB FBI logo. However this mod was made for those who just want a cool and powerful vehicle that screams authority. Please don't leave a review without trying the texture.


This is a HD Tex

Mention..If you like music check out some of my mixes( search for isitizet on )
i had a new upload today :)
9/23/15 i hope you enjoy it


Everything you need to know on install is in the read me.

If you wish to install the charger as well just include the two extra files provided.

If you make multi state authority vehicles please mention my name because the founder is here!

The charger that its for :
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