StellarV (Last Update) (Ended) 1.0.1

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StellarV Provides More Photorealistic Pictures And Graphics


VisualV - OIV

VisualV - Optionals Needed: All Except Defaulr Coronas

Download Link:

Installation: Toturial Inside StellarV.rar File

Recommended To Use Flashlights In nighttime, Recommended for Scary Immersive Experiences

Recommended To Use On Cinematics

Pictures Taken With: Timecycle Modified For StellarV, VisualV
Boris Volontosov
Reshade Team

L.A. Roads
4k Textures
Visual V
VisualV Optionals

To Enable Vignette Press Shift + F2 and Enable the Vignette in Home Menu

Click on the empty square It will turn blue when you enabled it

There's a Enblightning Error due to Incompatible Enb and latest Reshade

There's no way to fix this, To remove the error menu Press Shift + F2 and Click on the X on the top of the menu right side

NOTE! Brightness At Middle SHOULD ALWAYS BE ON, Having the brightness on darker will saturate colors and make it look fake, have it too bright the game will look washed out, ALWAYS HAVE THE BRIGHTNESS IN THE MIDDLE!

New Features Will Come Later In The Future when I have the lust to figure out about the Timecycle if you have usefull information about the timecycle please inform me

This is the last version of the mod, If I were to make a new version it would be a new modpage, I am no longer updating this mod nor am I ever gonna attempt to make a timecycle mod because its damn fucking difficult with rockstars retarded engine, Even source engine is better, rockstars engine is so fucking old thats why it is so easy to mod because the patterns are already there from before

I honestly don't give a fuck about GTA 5 anymore, It does not have the spirit like GTA 4, Its all about money and Realistic graphics though its just a damn recolor revisual nothing special about it

People are giving this game too much fucking credit, Its overrated and I have realized that because I have seen how truly shit the modding community of gta is, The most realistic game is arma 3! NO Doubt and it looks better!

And it has a nicer modding community that is efficient to everyone not just themself, Unlike gta 5 greedy shitheads, ARMA 3 Looks better and making a a graphics mod for arma!
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