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  • 80b385 logow1

    doesn't work. I press F5 and nothing happens. When I try to get the values from the car I'm in, it doesn't take any value (all zeroes). Please fix

    22. august 2020
  • 80b385 logow1

    @RYAN That's simple, basically all you have to modify is fCollisionDamageMult and fDeformationDamageMult in the handling.meta file, usually a value of 4 / 4.5 for both is sufficient.

    21. august 2020
  • 80b385 logow1

    haha, this mods will never get updated anymore I presume. My character when hit sometimes it goes backwards in circle with a jerk-like walking, like it's being pushed back all the time but witrhout falling, I should make a video on this bug.

    3. juli 2020
  • 80b385 logow1

    doesn't work. Stuck in the loading screen.

    22. juni 2020
  • 80b385 logow1

    @Digital Flix well I don't have that folder. Am I supposed to create it?

    19. april 2020
  • 80b385 logow1

    this needs to be updated. it no longer works with .ydr, .dds or whatever allowed extension I'm trying to open.

    14. april 2020
  • 80b385 logow1

    This is not like the model in the pictures, it spawns with BLACK bumpers, I tried to change their color with my trainer but they stay black, the car from my avatar picture is just the same model as it was supposed to be, but now I can't have all the car looking with the same color again, please help me

    29. december 2017
  • 80b385 logow1

    OIV failed the installation process, I'll send you the error log if you want

    28. december 2017
  • 80b385 logow1

    does it work only for the player? Is there a way to let it work on the other a.i. cars? just wandering tnx

    26. december 2017
  • 80b385 logow1

    Every time I have to reinstall the new scripthookV I loose ALL the data in the Update.rpf, including all the mods I've been putting into for months, because it asks me to overwrite the outdated data into this file. Which files it has to overwrite exactly?? I don't want to loose my mods anymore, so after a huge backup I would appreciate to know the guilty files to be replaced, instead of re-installing EVERYTHING from the top.

    25. december 2017