Fort Zancudo Bridge Zombies [Menyoo] [LITE included] 1.1


!!MENYOO map!!

Menyoo -
ZombieZ V -

(PLEASE NOTE - You do not NEED ZombieZ V in particular, any mod that changes the behavior of peds should do)

1: Download my mod.
2: put 'Zombie bridge1(LITE)' into 'spooner'.
Menyoostuff > Spooner.
3: Open game > go to spooner > load 'Zombie bridge1(LITE)'.
4: Enable zombie mod.

I was unable to play with crash, this is likely because the mass turning of peds into zombies, you MAY be able to run with a good computer, mine is famous for being pretty crappy, so never fear people with computers like mine, i am working on a version without as many peds and lights removal.

This versions works for me but is not as detailed as my original, i'd only recommend using this if my other one doesn't work.
I am thinking about making a second 'LITE' version where it's still greatly detailed but can still run.

Screenshots are of the LITE version, the 'full on' screenshots will be posted eventually.

1.0 - Original mod.
1.1 - Original mod with LITE version included.


MAFINS - Menyoo.
Myself - map.
HIppieCommunist - ZombieZ V.
SkylineGTRfreak - M1A1 Abrams (Screenshots).
PimDSLR - Ambulance design and skin (Screenshots).


After a zombie outbreak citizens of Los Santos rushed to AFB Zancudo after rumors of shelter and a cure in development, the rumors were true but the citizens started getting desperate and rioting, demanding immediate access, the Marines were getting overrun and decided to take the waves of angry citizens rioting as an act of aggression.
They fired warning shots and brought out tanks as a scare tactic, weapons carriers decided taking matters into their own hands would get them inside quicker, they started taking pot shots at the soldiers resulting in a full on skirmish.
The Marines were overrun and killed,the tanks could not get past the buses and eventually the tankers killed as well, in order to stop the angry citizens from taking over the base and hopefully kill the dead who'd soon become zombies, two Lazers equipped with napalm bombs were dispatched, dropping napalm up and down the bridge, the tunnel's reinforced gates were shut meaning no one could get inside, a singular tank was then dispatched to clear out any of the remaining walking dead, quickly becoming overrun and unable to move the tankers exited their vehicle and made a run for the NorthEast entrance to the base, only the driver had been infected upon exiting the tank.
He went on to turn in the debriefing and infect the soldiers in the debriefing room, resulting in a base wide infection, no one survived.

Two years later the sole survivor in Los Santos receives a transmission over their ham radio, "W-e hav-e- developed a cu-re -----For--t- Z-a-ncud--o, ple-as-e,-we need he--lp, we're st-uc-k in an undergrou--nd bunk-er".
The survivor tried to make sense of the message but could not clearly make out what was said over the static.
All the survivor knew was that someone needed help at the AFB.

About 7 hours later the survivor arrived at the bridge, it was overrun, but the survivor was determined to find anyone else who had survived the zombie uprising.
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