The Crow Gun (With Skins) v2.0



I saw that the crow gun had different feathers than the crow that the bird guy picked up in the video, so I decided to make a reskin for those who want an all black crow! Plus I also made a magpie skin as well since they are also Corvids, and I also included a SUPAR SECRET GHOST CROW!


Introducing the most dangerous bird currently known to man! One pull of this little avian's trigger and he will shoot out a very dangerous projectile!

This bird appears to be a normal corvid, more particularly the common hooded crow, yet if you can tell the difference, you better keep your distance! This bird despises the human race and only likes being around other birds, yet if you raise one from birth, they will stay by your side your whole life.

But if you ever see one that is angry, you better stay away from their beak, because they can let out a devastating CAAW that will cause a bullet-like projectile to emerge from their facial region and cause massive damage to soft tissue and even some damage to metal and stone.

Thanks to Proudnoob4 for the Crow model:

The model is a royalty free hooded crow and the sound I made was taken straight from the game

Remember to check out the trailer to catch a glimpse of this majestic bird in action! (Thanks to Crow for making the trailer as well)

This was originally intended to replace the Heavy Pistol instead of the combat pistol due to it's popularity with the more 'serious' weapon mods, but after HOURS of searching, I couldn't find the heavy pistol's sound files and this gun isn't as special without it's custom caaw sounds. So if anyone can help me with the location of the Heavy Pistol's sound files (or even the vintage/sns pistols) I could update this mod to replace those so people don't have to waste a spot on their other cool weapon mods. (unless they really want to)

Thanks for reading all this! Enjoy the gun! ^v^
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