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The Sukhoi Su-30MKK (NATO reporting name: Flanker-G) is a modification of the Sukhoi Su-30, incorporating advanced technology from the Sukhoi Su-35 variant. Su-30MKK was developed by Sukhoi Company (JSC) in 1997, as a result of a direct Request for tender between the Russian Federation and China. It is a heavy class, all-weather, long-range strike fighter, and like the Sukhoi Su-30, comparable to the American McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle

I find it to be a Very Attractive Aircraft. Good looks. Bad ass. second only to F-16F. even sometimes i am in doubt if its better than F-16F looks wise. anyways here goes in Game:

This aircraft is different than Chinese domestically produced J-11B. this is a pure Russian Aircraft with Russian Avionics.Purchased by Chinese Air Force. I Shall make J-11B in future God Willing.

For those people who have Add on problem. game crashes or add on vehicles simply don't spawn get this file from the following link this should solve the problem :

Features Current (v1.3)
Dual Seat version. Two players can sit, at the same time
Dual cockpits
Functional Gauges/dials for two players Dual
Dual steering and controls
Chinese language dials and stuff in cockpit.
Chinese Air force Weapons payload Strike version
breakable Glass Canopy
Realistic Air Brakes
Extended body length
Extended Cockpit
Real life Dimensions scaled accordingly.
Functional Rear view mirrors for both players
Chinese version Side winders.
Glide bombs Chinese
Landing gear animations.
Headlights on Landing gear
4 different Sirens
Automatic Realistic Air intake & Retractible Dust Doors! for intake :)
Agile, Highly maneuverable
Custom Handling.
Complete Lods
Near perfect collisions
Weaponized As Chinese AirForce
No thrust vectoring because Chinese Air Force MKK version, does not have Thrust vectoring in it.

change log v 1.3
Entering Aircraft Animation Fixed
Ejection Seat now works fine.
sound bug fixed. engines now realistic 2 engine sounds
might have to turn your volume 2 points down for this one :)
animations re-done.

Note: .NPCs the AI is too dumb to climb up,the Aircraft to the seat. players can sit together though.f you sit in the driver seat and spawn a driver you can check out the back cockpit yourself too :)

please read the pinned comment in the comment section on the right side of the page, for Add on installation or read it from rar file, for Replace there is a readme file in the rar file.

There are no afterburners for Twin Engine Aircraft. and i didn't bother to make an Afterubuner.cs file especially for 1 Aircraft, BUT!!! do you know why? its because there is An awesome Automatic Afterburners Mod on this website! from a very talented Guy. his name is "I'm not Mental" :) please for the Beauty of my Aircraft. Download his Afterburner for this aircraft and others if you have any Twin Engined ones without afterburners. All you have to do is Press F11 key once for the first time. and its registered and Afterburner Works Perfectly!.
Link to his Mod:

Future Updates: may include V1.4
Bug fixes if any. please provide feedback
Realistic Burning and Burned Textures.
Fuel Probe Extender and Animations
J-11B & J-15D Chinese Airforce

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For replace just rename the files to any aircraft files you are replacing. best option replace lazer.

Mod Author : FoxtrotDelta
Converted to GTA5 by : FoxtrotDelta

Model from Game: Flight Simulator X

Mod is strictly not to be sold. the Mod is strictly uploaded for please don't upload this mod again on this site or any other website. if you want it so badly, exceptions can be made for those who , request permission and give a good reason.if you have suggestions please leave a comment. making of Skins/liveries is okay. but remember this is MKK version. many countries have MK2 version and others which have thrust vectoring wait for Su-30MK2 release for russian and other countries liveries.
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