Declasse Premier 200 SS [ Add-on | WIP ] 1.2 Beta

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Hi, this is our first mod.
This mod is still in early development, so be aware that there are still bugs to fix and things to be done to the car model to considered it finished. So consider this a work in progress project for now.
We agreed that we would release this project to the public as soon as it is stable and ready to use. This without it being stuck on development forever and exclusive for some people only.
Currently we don't have many time right now to have it a bit more polished, so we are releasing it as it is for now. Expect updates from time to time. Enjoy!

Custom 3D model
Custom Wheels
Custom Textures
Custom Sound
Custom Spawn Colours
Custom Handling (WIP)

This is an Add-On mod.


Add the "tmprem" folder to the following path: mods/update/x64/dlcpacks

Write the following line inside the file "dlclist.xml " at: mods/update/update.rpf/common/dlclist.xml

line: dlcpacks:/tmprem/

Spawn name: tmprem


TurboMatt - Huge thanks for making this car a reality, model creation, porting and pretty much everything.
TheAdmiester - Custom vehicle sound with custom turbo blow off sounds
Legacy DMC - GsTool
Aquaphobic - Sound editing tutorials
Monkeypolice188 - Sound research info
AbsolutelyHalal - Original Premier SS badge as inspiration for this modernized version
Vanillaworks Community: General support and name sugestions
Me - Car sketch idea, Spawn colours and some sound tweaks
Rockstar Games - Original model


1.2 Beta - Maybe corrected the Sound issue. if you are still having issues tell me

1.1 Beta - Fixed an issue with the content.xml file that prevented the car from loading. The file was an early version of when i was writing it the first time, not the final one, my mistake.

1.0 Beta - Initial release

License Note:

Please, don't upload this mod anywhere without permission.
Uploading this elsewhere, using this to your own proffit, under a paid subscription or a pay wall, or using it on any FiveM server that uses the resourse as a pay to access, without author's permission is prohibited.
People, plese respect our team decisions. You can modify 2d Textures and data files stuff for your own use only.

Known Bugs:

Parts of the Interior missing textures
Parts of the headlights light up when brake and reverse light are turned on
Wheels are off-centered
B-Pillar textures and rear windows trim missing
Intercooler texture
Grille bar off-centered
Reverse lights textures
Exhaust smoke missing

If you need any help or if you've found any other bug/glitch or any other thing wrong with the mod, please comment bellow. I will try to answer as soon as possible.
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Først uploadet: 14. januar 2023
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